February 25, 2024

If there is no COVID emergency, then why are we still vaccinating?


The COVID emergency has ended, but health “experts” are refusing to accept that the pandemic too, has ended.

The continued push to vaccinate could be due to several reasons which are entirely unrelated to health.

Here are some responses based on our research.

First, governments have no choice but to keep vaccinating because they can no longer cancel their orders from vaccine companies even if we no longer need them.

Second, there is large amounts of money and corporate interests at play here.

Third, all those who gained unprecedented power during the “pandemic” are now refusing to give up their control.

Fourth, some of our health experts are now operating medicine that is based on the fear of disease.

2 thoughts on “If there is no COVID emergency, then why are we still vaccinating?

  1. Easy to accept these premises… however, the author doesn’t state the more serious and sinister cause which has been manifest all along: the planned genocide of the majority of the people alive today in the world adhering to the precepts inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones. That is the most likely reason why these injections, which I refuse to cooperate with evil and misname “vaccines,” rather to refer colloquially as “clot shots,” have always been forced on people, starting with the wealthiest, most materially abundant denizens of the western states who comprise the so-called middle class possessing a large, inaccessible pool of independent incomes and modest savings, a perennial threat to the global capitalistic debt usury system which seeks to amass more and more of what it owns to itself. Jettisoning the established pandemic preparedness plans, globalist health agencies and government strongarms embraced the totalitarian technocratic policies enthusiastically espoused by the Communist Chinese known as the lockdown, a well-known means of controlling unruly prison populations through means such as solitary confinement, forced isolation, and deprivation of human contact, with the expressed intent of indefinitely maintaining these anti-human and anti-Christ “restrictions” until a “vaccine” were produced in record time bypassing all safety trials and any long-term studies of safety or efficacy erstwhile would have long ago scrapped this program and indicted its architects, collaborators, and proselytes for crimes against God and man, and instead issued ahead at warp speed to alter our RNA and DNA knowingly, willingly, and diabolically to known ends of misery, illness, disease, and death.

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