June 16, 2024

Joey Concepcion: Time to Lift COVID Public Health Emergency Status


Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion believes it is time to consider easing the country out of a public health emergency status. The story on this was written by Argyll Cyrus Geducos and was published by the Manila Bulletin last May 29, 2022.

Concepcion says that the Philippines should reframe the country’s approach to the pandemic, especially as the economy is now entering a crucial stage in its recovery. He said, “This would be the right time for us to focus on the health of our economy. The faster way to economic recovery is to approach it now with our victories in mind. An obstacle right now is the mindset that we are still under an emergency, but it seems we have already learned to live with Covid.”

Editor’s Note: We agree with Concepcion that indeed, it is time for the government to acknowledge that the “COVID emergency” is over. We must now turn our focus toward recovery.

And since the emergency, has passed, it is time for the government to rescind all its public health impositions in the last two years. Masks should now be removed so that we can all breathe the healing air of nature. Vaccine rollouts should be stopped. Weekly testing of unvaccinated employees as specified by the unconstitutional directive of the IATF should be scrapped. Vaccination should no longer be used as a requirement for entering and leaving provinces in the Philippines.

Compared to the current problems of the country, COVID is nothing. It is time to focus on improving social services, solving social inequalities and poverty, and eradicating corruption. We have turned our eyes away from the real issues of our society for far too long.

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