May 26, 2024

RT-PCR Cannot Differentiate Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza: What Do We Have Then?


In a December 31, 2021 article published in The Global Research, Prof Michel Chossudovsky wrote an analysis regarding the request of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the Food and Drug Administration to withdraw its endorsement of the RT-PCR test. [See CDC revokes EUA for RT-PCR test kits.]

Prof. Chossudovsky’s analysis highlights the following:

Editor’s Note: This analysis sums up that RT-PCR is nothing but a tool for mass hysteria. Despite all the proof that RT-PCR tests are meaningless, governments continue to use these to dial fear and control people. [See how the numbers determine the restrictions in every country;;

And, despite showing no immediate threat, the Philippine government is already expecting doom from a new IHU variant []

However, even as they purposely use RT-PCR for scare propaganda, the data doesn’t lie because those who tested positive are people who got jabbed, majority of those who are hospitalized and who died are vaccinated [see Worldwide data from 185 nations prove that the highest death rates are in the most vaccinated countries; we are now in a pandemic of the vaccinated; Scotland: 9 in Every 10 Covid-19 Deaths Accounted to Fully Vaccinated; UK Data shows more people died due to COVID injections in 8 months than people who died of COVID-19 in 18 months; Taiwan has More Death from COVID Jab than COVID-19 Disease]. This should be evidence enough to awaken the public from the deception.

Can you imagine that CDC could have abruptly recalled the RT-PCR on July 2021, yet it ran until December 31 before they halted it? [For our readers in the US, was the suspension really carried out? News here only shows changes in the quarantine procedures in the US which no longer includes testing, read CDC cuts isolation and quarantine period for general population].

The Philippines is still using it and utilizing that for fear-mongering, which has then led to elevating cases even after the use of draconian lockdowns, and movement restrictions on unvaccinated citizens.

The continued devastation of the “pandemic” on our societies is a product of the governments’ decisions, not because of the virus.

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