CCH Legal Team Launched. Makes Public Its Vaccination Refusal Letter Template

As the national government rushes to vaccinate millions of Filipinos today and the next three days, the CCH Legal Team formally announced its existence and countered the government moves by making available a template for all to use in refusing to be injected with the Covid vaccines. ANYBODY who does not want to be vaccinated can use this template letter and adjust it to their own specific situation. See the template letter and supporting documents below. 

The CCH Legal Team has been in existence quietly for some weeks now. It has been doing a lot of preparatory work for all kinds of vaccine coercion victims as well as the vaccine-injured. It is also doing the necessary thorough work to file the proper motion, at the proper venue, at the right time to stop the illegal, unconstitutional, and human rights-violative mandatory vaccination program of the government. You will all hear about it soon. 

The CCH Legal Team is composed of at least nine lawyers, with more wanting to join. Because of the sensitive nature of their positions in society, most of the lawyers prefer to be anonymous at this point. The only exception is Atty. Tanya Lat who has been very visible in the public explaining the legal options of Filipinos. The thousands of CCH subscribers and followers are very familiar with Atty. Tanya’s presence in CCH videos and other forum. See Atty Tanya’s other videos and templates here: ADVERSE VACCINE INJURIES: HOW TO SHARE YOUR STORY IN AFFIDAVIT FORM (Part 1), ADVERSE VACCINE INJURIES: HOW TO SHARE YOUR STORY IN AFFIDAVIT FORM (Part 2), AFFIDAVIT OF VACCINE ADVERSE EFFECT.

In her generic letter, Atty. Lat has referred to the LAMMP Covid home care protocols. LAMMP is an independent association of doctors who came up with these protocols on their own. There is no formal connection between CCH and LAMMP but the latter, in general, wants their guidebook to be better known, through various means, to the general public. It is Atty. Tanya’s initiative to make this medical guide better known to Filipinos. LAMMP did not request CCH to do this. CCH wants to make disclaimer because the LAMMP doctors are mainstream doctors subject to their own regulatory environment.  We do not want that regulatory environment to reflect back on LAMMP if it is formally associated with CCH. 

Understanding Your Rights: Mandatory Vaccination Is Immoral, Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Violative of Human Rights

Download Refusal Letter

Download Supporting Documents

29 thoughts on “CCH Legal Team Launched. Makes Public Its Vaccination Refusal Letter Template

  1. Maraming salamat CCH sa pag bigay ng mga importanteng dokumento para labanan ang illegal at inhuman government mandate.

    1. Welcome po! Ipakalat po natin sa mga kaibigan, kapamilya, maging sa kapitbahay. Apparently, maraming hindi nakakaalam sa kanilang mga karapatan.

  2. Wow! Thank you po ng sobra! I am planning on disseminating this info to my peers especially dito sa Public Market namin. Maraming mga vendors nag aalala dahil may pinamimigay na flyer na nag encourage sa mga hindi ba vaccinated na magpabakuna na. Plus nakabold pa ang mga katagang ito sa flyer po which Im translating it to English since its in Bisaya, “Don’t infect others. Dont be infected. Starting on Dec 1, everything will be opened until everyone is vaccinated.” My lola is one of the vendors po and I wanted to help her with this.

    Question lang po, lahat po ng supporting documents sa itaas po ay kailangan po naka attach sa refusal letter po right? During submission sa documents po with the letter, kailangan po ba magsecure ako ng photocopy sa refusal letter po? Lagyan rin nila ba ng tatak na received ang photocopy po or once may tatak ang original copy ay diyan ko iphotocopy ito?

    If they reject the letter po, ano po ang next step?

    Thank you po! Pasensya na po if marami akong tanong kasi wala pa akong experience sa pagsubmit niyan at baguhan pa po ako but I am willing to share the instructions once I am enlightened on the steps and what to expect po.

    Thank you and God bless!

    1. Hello Louise,

      Yes, lahat ng attachments, pakisama sa refusal letter. Ito po ang order ng pagkakasunod-sunod:
      1. WHO statistics
      2. Reports of Suspected Adverse Reactions
      3. Philhealth circular
      4. COVID-19 Situationer
      5. Home Care Guide

      Ang goal po nitong refusal letter ay makausap ang mga taong involved upang mai-explain sa kanila ang inyong position. Kaya po, kung maari rin ay pag-aralan ang lamang nitong presentation na ito ni Atty. Lat:

      Make sure po na mayroon kayong dalawang kopya ng refusal form, at ipa-acknowledge sa pagbibigyan ninyo na tanggap ninyo ang refusal. Kapag sila ay tumanggi at hindi sila willing makipagusap, maaring kuhaan ng video upang may proof kayo na tumanggi sila.

      Ang susunod na step po dito ay ang grave coercion, na isa ng pagpafile ng kaso sa korte. Narito po ang explanation ng grave coercion (KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: A Legal Explanation by Atty. Aaron Soguilon) at ang forms (Ready to pushback? Here are some documents you can use to protect yourself from vaccine coercion)

      Kung maari, gawin natin ang ating makakaya upang madaan sa pakiusapan muna, bago dumating sa korte. Kasi po, lahat po tayo rito ay biktima. Ang mga authorities na nagpapatupad ng vaccine coercion, inutusan lang ng mga tao sa taas nila. Kung sila (iyong mga kakausapin nyo) ay natatakot na baka babalik sa kanila ang pagreject ng refusal form na isasubmit nyo, pakisabihan po sila na sila rin ay maaring magsubmit ng refusal forms sa mga taong mas nakatataas sa kanila. Kumbinsihin nyo po silang huwag matakot dahil kung hindi sila magpushback, lalala lang itong problema ng ating coercion.

      Kung may mga katanungan pa po, maari po kayong magmessage pa sa amin.




  4. Ngayon po ang aming schedule for SCAM PCR Test…kung hindi namin gawin ito baka mapurnada na naman ang uwi namin bukas. Mag iisang buwan na kami dito sa Cebu…Please advice!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  5. I am a public school teacher and recently there was a memomorandum from deped, requiring teachers to get vaccinated, and if we refuse, we shall be required to take the rt-pcr or antigen test results. If we dont comply, we wont be allowed to work.

    Can you please help me what to do? Thank you and more power!

  6. Ako po ay widow at tumatanggap ng pension na nakalaan para sa mga anak ko na nawi-withdraw ko mula sa kanilang bank account Over the counter lamang.

    Ngayon sa bangko, naka tanggap ako nga Warning na kailangang magdala ng vaccination ID upang maka pasok sa bangko ako at ang aking anak.

    Binabasa ko po ang mga naka-post na documents sa taas. Maaari ko bang malaman kung pwedeng ito ang aking ipakita sakaling magkaroon ng refusal of entry sa bangko?

    Salamat po.

    1. Hello Ms. Victoria,

      Opo, maari po itong ibigay sa kanila. Minumungkahi po namin na kausapin nyo directly ang manager ng bangko upang magkaron ng “levelling” off na rin bago magescalate and sitwasyon. Take note po na ang refusal letter na ito ay paunang step lamang, at kung pigilan pa rin nila kayong makapasok sa bangko ng walang vaccine card, saka na lamang po kayo magfafile ng grave coercion case. Mag-eemail po ako sa inyo ng step-by-step process na maari ninyong sundan.

  7. Hello, tanong ko lang po kung ano letter ang ipakita sa guard ng mall(humihingi kasi sila ng vax card) para makapasok. Nasa loob din ng mall ang banko kung saan ako sana magkaroon ng transaksyon.

  8. Maraming salamat po Sir!
    Very rare ang katulad nyong may malasakit sa tao lalo na sa panahon nating ito. Aking dalangin sa Dios na patuloy kayong ingatan ng Dios at gamitin NIYA bilang instrumento sa ikaliligtas ng maraming tao laban sa mga ganitong uri ng panlilinlang. SALUTE TO YOU ALL!

  9. Hello po, hihingi lang po sana ng tulong kung anong letter po para sa dialysis patient po na sinasabing need daw po ng every week na magpaswabtest dati po sabi ng ospital dialysis department na twice a week ngayon po sabi daw everyweek na po super torture po sa pasyente po iyon.
    Sana po matulungan niu din po kami.

    Godbless and more power po!

    1. Hello Sheng,

      Gamitin mo lamang ang letter of refusal, tapos subukan kausapin ang head ng dialysis center. Hindi dapat naabala ang mga medical needs ng mga ayaw magpabakuna dahil labag na ito sa karapatang pantao. Isesend ko sa iyong email ang isang brochure na nagsummarize ng mga steps na kailangang gawin.

  10. maraming salamat po sa inyo admin, salamat sa Dios at meron po kayo na ginagamit Nya para sa aming mahihirap na walang boses.
    Godspeed po!

  11. We filed a grave coercion case against an employer. But we didn’t file a case agaisnt aitd and doh. Will stand in court? I am sur the only defense of the employer is they are just following iatf and ordinance. Is that an acceptable and strong legal defense for grave coercion?

  12. I Rey T. Guimbal, formerly OFW and i believe the truths what we fighting for and i am willing to help and participate whatever legal purposes beyond this war. Salamat sa inyo sir… mabuhay tayung lahat na ang pinaglalaban ay wag mag papakuna kahit anung mangyayari…Salamat sa mga filipino scientist natin, doctors, teachers and many lawyers who are participating this tragic war in the world today.

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