Covid Call to Humanity is preparing for Covid-related litigations in the Supreme Court and Regional Trial Courts (RTC). In these trials, evidence will be important. One key evidence is the adverse impact of the so-called vaccines (aka bioweapons) on the vaccinated. This evidence has to be presented in the form of Affidavits from those who personally experienced the harm the vaccines have done to them. The CCH network, friends, and Filipinos in general are extremely fortunate that a highly qualified and prestigious lawyer has stepped forward to help the Filipino public draw up such affidavits for the forthcoming cases that will be filed by CCH, partner groups and individuals before the various courts of the land.

Atty. Tanya Lat is an accomplished lawyer. She is a law professor at three law schools: University of the Philippines Law School, Ateneo University Law School, San Beda University Law School. She is all the acting Director of a massive multi-million peso project on the reform of law schools in the country towards making law education multi-disciplinary and more solid ethically. Dozens of law schools around the country are involved in this project. Atty. Lat holds a Masters of Law degree , with focus on International Law, from the globally renowned Georgetown Law School based in Washington DC. Atty. Lat also worked with the Supreme Court and has invaluable experience in the inner dynamics and requirements of the country’s highest judicial body.

Atty. Lat has two videos that follow below. The first video is an overview description of the importance of an affidavit. The second video goes into considerable detail on how the vaccine injured can make an affidavit that can be successfully used in court. These two videos are super important not only in their content as it helps all those who have been wanting to tell and warn others about the adverse effects of the vaccines. They are vital because they have the potential to trigger a wave of  reflection, reconsideration and commitment from other lawyers nationwide. Atty. Lat is a well-known and high respected legal luminary in the country. For her step forward publicly in a well-balanced and nuanced legal presentation to all about vaccine injuries and the power of our natural immune system to resist COVID-19, may encourage other lawyers to have courage to speak up publicly and defend the massive violation of human rights that is now happening in the Philippines.

 A final note. Like many other top doctors, scientists and lawyers who have criticized the Covid vaccines, Atty. Tanya Lat is pro-vaccine. She believes in taking vaccines. However, she says that the Covid vaccines were “warp-speed” rushed, experimental, lacking in long term studies, and, most important of all, are already giving a lot of serious adverse effects including death. Atty. Lat has had first hand experience of clear covid vaccine-induced deaths among her friends.

In Video, Part 1, and in connection with her increasing doubts about the Covid vaccines, she relates her own bout with the COVID-19 disease. However, she shares how she overcame the disease through natural means with the help of naturally-oriented medical doctors. And for CCH, the amazing thing about her healing story is that her immune system was so powerful that she did not even have to take the famous Ivermectin to get healed. Then she realized that the vaccines were not necessary to cure covid disease. She also appreciated that our immune system has the power to overcome not only covid diseases but also other diseases and that it is important to take care of and strengthen our immune system.

Because of this experience, she started doing her own research. She came to her own conclusion that it was and is “irresponsible” for doctors to keep on pushing the covid vaccines when there are safe early treatments available. She also learned that there was a lot of conscious disinformation going on in media. Deaths were not being reported and discussed. Politicians were also not paying attention to the serious side effects of the vaccines. She also emphasizes something that CCH has been championing for months even in the early years of 2020. To test positive via the RT-PCR test, does not mean one is infected. One has to have the symptoms that usually come with true COVID-19 infection. Her research also affirmed her experience that natural immunity is stronger than vaccine-induced immunity. So COVID-19 survivors DO NOT NEED to take the vaccines. She then goes on to describe how to strengthen one’s immune system.

She places her discussion of AFFIDAVITS within this broader context. An affidavit is basically a story of one’s experience with the vaccines. These direct experiences cannot be dismissed as fake news. They can be used as evidence in court. She then goes on in great detail about Affidavits and their importance.

Some important points to take away from Video One.

  • The constitutional Right to Life supersedes all other laws.
  • Mandatory vaccines also does not “respect human dignity”.
  • “Forced vaccination is a form of rape. There is no consent.” It is illegal.
  • ‘Forced vaccination is an issue of human rights.”
  • Prior informed consent is important. Full knowledge of the consequences must be given. We need to spread awareness of this.
  • Taking a vaccine should be like making a decision to get married to another person. One should have the necessary information. One does not just jump into a marriage without having an idea of potential consequences.
  • Vaccines are not the only solution.
  • In Part 2, she goes into great detail on how  to make a strong Affidavit that will stand up in Court. This is true especially if the Affidavit is notarized. It is binding on third parties. Here is an overview of making an affidavit. At the soonest possible time, CCH, in collaboration with Atty. Lat, will create an Affidavit template that can be used by all interested parties.

    Here is an outline of what the Affidavit should contain. The video contains a detailed guide on how to answer the various points below.
    • Details about yourself
    • Status of your health before taking the vaccines
    • Details on the vaccines that you took
    • Why you got vaccinated
    • Was there  and context of Prior Informed Consent
    • Side Effects Experienced
    • How did your life change after vaccination
    • Why are you sharing your story


    1. Thank you so much for speaking out. I don’t know if you already know about the Corona Ausschuss, a groupe of layers from Germany which are well connected with layers from around the world, who are gathering evidence to be used in courts to bring down this whole criminal deseption?
      Another resource of interest might be the site of Dr. Andrew Kaufman in particular this video might be of interest.
      It shows that the whole virus theory is standing on very shaky ground an is far from science.

    2. I am about to get my booster (or lose my teaching career in WA) ~ I have been having issues with the arm where the first two shots were placed ~ it is as if I have arthritis in the fingers on that side and the muscles ache daily ~ I am worried I have permanent damage and convinced I will have permanent damage if I keep getting booster (or lose my teaching career in WA) ~ what can I do? ~ the third jab goes in the day after tomorrow ~ please help ~ my doctor refuses to discuss anything Covid with me

      1. Hello Stuart,

        Are you not able to get an exemption for your case? Several teachers who refuse to take the vaccine (or boosters) are already filing lawsuits to assert their rights. In your case, it is now your life that is at stake. Have you tried connecting with America’s Frontline Doctors and the AAPS? They have active doctors who do a teleconsult and who might be able to support you in this journey.

        Unfortunately, there is no real “detox” for mRNA shots. How is your general health? Do you have comorbidities?

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