December 5, 2023

FDA documents show no reference virus for RT-PCR tests, virus strain found in tests may not be the causative agent for COVID


In this April 8, 2021 article from Mike Adams of Natural News, we discover the implications of the document from the Food and Drug Administration, the “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel“.

Adams raises these critical points:

  1. There appear to be no isolated, purified Certified Reference Materials available for SARS-CoV-2 “covid”.
  2. If you have no isolated, certified reference materials, you can’t develop a legitimate analysis test.
  3. If you don’t have a CRM isolate, you can’t calibrate instruments against a known sample.
  4. PCR instruments are incapable of quantitative analysis. The “positive” hits are nothing but amplified background noise.

Adams, who is a lab owner and a published scientist, explains how most labs work, as well as the importance of using certified reference materials (CRMs) for analysis and sequencing. For many times he tried to secure a CRM because he wanted to buy an RT-PCR test kit. None of the CRM sources could give him a CRM for the COVID-19 virus. He says that without the reference material for RT-PCR tests, then the entire testing process is a fraud.

He also goes on to reveal that aside from the original FDA document (cited above), new FOIA requests from various citizens are revealing that indeed, there is no COVID-19 isolated virus in existence [to know more about the implications of this discovery, read RT-PCR tests are scientifically meaningless].

Editor’s Note: We have known for some time already (as far back as early 2020) that the COVID-19 virus has not been isolated. Though many “fact-checkers” have flagged content relating to this, the reality is that government documents are available for the public to see. Adams have already explained in his article the implications of his discoveries, so we recommend that you read his article in full to learn more.

This lack of reference material is just one of the many concerns we have for RT-PCR. Already, several countries have already ruled that the test is unreliable [see Austrian court: PCR test not suitable for diagnosis, Portuguese court rules PCR tests as unreliable and unlawful to quarantine people]. Several experts have also reiterated that a positive RT-PCR test cannot be used as a measure of contagiousness [see Manitoba Government Chief Microbiologist: 56% of positive “cases” are not infectious, but products of misleading RT-PCR tests, New study proves that RT-PCR positivity should not be used as a measure of infectiousness, and New study shows how recovered COVID patients can repeatedly test positive, shows varying implications to RT-PCR testing]. In a recent lawsuit in Alberta, Canada, the government also revealed that they have no reference virus for RT-PCR tests [see Alberta, Canada, ends all COVID-19 restrictions after admitting in court they have no SARS-CoV-2 reference virus for their RT-PCR tests].

Is it a surprise then that the US FDA has finally decided to revoke the emergency use authorization it has issued to RT-PCR test kits? [See CDC revokes EUA for RT-PCR test kits].

While the rest of the world is finally moving away from RT-PCR and the fraud that it has perpetuated, countries that remain in the clutches of Big Pharma and manipulative governments continue to use the tests, despite its failures. In the Philippines, some areas are back on lockdowns because our Department of Health has failed to learn from its mistakes. They continue to make life difficult for Filipinos because they believe in the existence of a virus that has not been scientifically isolated and identified. If this continues, our society is in danger of collapse.

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