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Projections on how COVID-19 will reorder our societies

In this March issue of The Politico Magazine, we read some expert predictions on how our societies will be transformed by COVID-19. From this article, it is the opportunity for change is apparent. The author, however cautions: such societal transformation can go both ways. It can either lead us toward a sustainable, nurturing, and life-giving future, or […]

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3.9 million Filipino workers might lose jobs

In this article for The Manila Times, author William Depasupil says that 78% of businesses affected by COVID-19 will remain closed for months, hence leading to the loss of some 3.9 million jobs. The figure included both local and overseas Filipino workers.  Editor’s Note: Will the Philippines have the capacity to ensure that basic needs of the […]

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World Bank: Pandemic could push 60M into extreme poverty

In this May 21, 2020 report written for the Agence France-Presse, the World Bank said that 60M people around the world could fall into extreme poverty. This pronouncement comes after the World Bank has began financing aid programs to 100 countries. World Bank president says that this will reverse the progress made by poverty alleviation programs […]


Could the novel coronavirus end globalization?

As countries around the world impose restrictions on domestic and international travels, we are beginning to see the impacts to the global economy. Factories have closed, global supply chains are disrupted, and many industries are losing income by the day. Is this paving the way for a new economic system?  In this article for the World […]