April 17, 2024

Trouble In The Skies: Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition Issues Statement Regarding Pilot Vaccine Injury


The following is a statement released by the Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC) last May 17, 2022.

Here, health and aviation experts made the following demands:

  • the end of mandatory COVID shots for all aviation workers
  • the creation of a permissive environment for self-reporting of injuries among vaccinated employees
  • thorough and objective medical screenings of pilots and cabin crew
  • third party analysis of data on sickness and medical certificate suspension being held by airlines and regulators.

The GAAC is an alliance of aviation and medical professionals from Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria. It represents pilots at over 30 global airlines and over 17,000 physicians and medical scientists worldwide.

Editor’s Note: Though this statement is already a couple of months old, we are now seeing the importance of the demands set out by this document as we are witnessing the impacts of vaccine injury among pilots and aviation workers.

Several flights have been canceled in the past few days, leaving many passengers stranded. Here are just some articles covering this news:

Depending on the article you read, there are several reasons being put out for flight cancellations. The New York Times says, “it has always been this way” and that the worst flight cancellations have come from the same airports. The majority of the articles claim that the cancellations are due to staff shortages in all departments, from ground staff to pilots. There’s the CNet article saying that the cancellations could be due to extreme weather events and the increase in fuel prices. And then there are the France24 and BBC articles saying that the cancellations are either a part of safety precaution or due to irresponsible scheduling and overbooking.

They are all overlooking one thing: the impact of mandatory jabs imposed by airlines in 2021. In an article, Etana Hecht, an Israeli journalist, said: “To dismiss the vaccines as one of the main driving factors behind this shortage would be short-sighted. The mandates had a profound impact on the industry, resulting in a slow-moving disaster. Those who didn’t comply got grounded, while many of those who did comply feel betrayed and coerced into a medical decision.”[1]https://etana.substack.com/p/the-pilots-australia?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email. Also read … Continue reading

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