June 16, 2024

The globalists are telling us what’s next: Food shortage in six months


In this May 2, 2022 article for Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden discusses the next phase in the crisis orchestrated by the globalists: food shortage.

Durden opens his article with proof that the globalists have always been very “open” about their future plans. He says, “they like to tell us what they are about to do before they do it…The primary problem with discerning what the globalists are planning is not in uncovering secret agendas…the problem is separating the admission from the disinformation, the lies from the truth”.

He then goes on to discuss the various evidence to show that food shortage is next on the list, and why this is going to be devastating for our societies. He says, “As we have seen with almost every authoritarian regime in modern history, control over the food supply is key to controlling the population…The food issue hits closest to home because we can see the effects immediately on our wallets and on our families.”

He closes his article with the following words: “Preparedness today costs nothing tomorrow. Lack of preparedness today costs EVERYTHING tomorrow. The choice for anyone with a brain is simple – Get prepared for the end of affordable and easily available food before this year is out”.

Editor’s Note: Given two of the conditions that could lead to severe COVID, obesity, and diabetes, are due to food and lifestyle choices, we deem it necessary to add this article to this website as it has implications for how our government will deal with the so-called “pandemic”.

If Durden was right and the globalists earn through threat synthesis, we must now ask ourselves: what is it that they are trying to sell us next? Our own research points us to this article: to “address” climate change.[1]https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02409-7

But given how they have manipulated governments to purchase billions of useless and dangerous vaccines, one must be asking: what could be so wrong with wanting to address climate change by promoting agriculture and the eating of plant-based products? Well, it all depends on what kind of agriculture the globalists are going to root for.

Knowing that they won’t profit from this initiative, we can expect that organic and regenerative agriculture is not going to be their chosen solution. For that, we must look into the 2021 Food Systems Summit[2]https://www.un.org/en/food-systems-summit which is currently being boycotted by various farmers’ organizations for sidelining civil society groups and for promoting “globalized, industrial food systems” which “detracts from the real solutions needed to tackle the multiple [issues of] hunger, climate, and health crises”.[3]https://unfss2021.org/

That we must change our food system is clear.[4]https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/story/9-ways-food-systems-are-failing-humanity, https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/01/our-food-system-is-broken-three-ways-to-fix-it/. But why is there no stress on food sovereignty and enabling communities access to well-adapted seeds? Think of it this way: seeds that we have been growing in the same environment are like our immune system that has been trained to handle all sorts of germs and bacteria. They are resilient to stress and pests. Introducing adulterated seeds (those we call Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs) can be equated to injecting people with mRNA shots.

If our governments can deny that natural immunity works against COVID, do you think they would, support the use of heirloom seeds passed on from generation to generation of farmers if they can’t earn profit from it?

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