February 2, 2023

$1 Billion a Day: That’s How Much Top 10 U.S. Billionaires Added to Their Fortunes During Pandemic

In this January 21, 2022 article for The Defender, Jake Johnson reports on the analysis conducted by the Americans for Tax Fairness showing that the combined net worth of the 10 richest people in the U.S. has more than doubled since March 2020.

According to Johnson, the 10 wealthiest billionaires in the US have roughly added $1 billion to their collective wealth EVERY DAY. That’s around $12,600 per second per second.

Editor’s Note: While most normal citizens struggled to meet their families’ needs in the midst of this “pandemic” the billionaires are earning more than we earn in a year. While the billionaires were comfortably “sheltering in” inside their mansions, playing the stock market, small businesses owners had to leave their homes daily to keep their businesses open and their employees working.

So if you ever asked yourself, “why would anyone want to keep this “pandemic” going long term”? Well then, now you have your answer. Some of these billionaires’ wealth is bigger than many countries’ economies.[1]https://visual.ly/community/interactive-graphic/economy/worlds-billionaires-wealth-vs-countries-gdp, https://knoema.com/wqezguc/bill-gates-net-worth-is-bigger-than-gdp-of-130-countries

Is it so difficult, then, to accept that they have the capacity to dictate policies in much poorer countries and that they could be behind the push to keep the COVID fake pandemic going? [Also see Pfizer Controls Health Policy of 110 Countries, CCH Challenges the Duterte Government to Make Public Its Contract with Pfizer, The Deep Entanglement of Big Tech, Media, and Pfizer, Pfizer demands governments gamble with state assets to secure vaccine deal].

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  1. They may make billions of money every single day but they can never earn a single second added to their lives every single day. They will grow old and die like everyone of us.

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