Overcome the fear: Sign petition to end lockdowns of children and the youth

We are thankful that a number of parents are already awakening to the need to end the lockdown, and to allow children back to school. One group in particular, has created a petition at Change.Org to End Lockdown of Children and Youth in the Philippines. Their points intersect with many of what we have been repeating over […]

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End the lockdown and let our children back to school

“Mama, ano nang gagawin ko sa buhay ko, pare-parehas na lang ginagawa ko araw-araw” (Mama, what do I do with my life, I’m doing the same things every day).  These were the words my almost-12-year-old uttered one day after she finished the weekly call with her classmates. When I asked her to expound on what […]

Is a lockdown necessary? Collective Actions

Is there a coronavirus conspiracy?

In this article published on his own website, British author and general practitioner Vernon Coleman refers to the coronavirus pandemic as a “manufactured crisis” which will be used by opportunists to further their own agenda. It can become an excuse for the British government to withdraw its plan to leave the EU, as well as an […]

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Philippine Daily Inquirer features Nicanor Perlas on Open Letter to Pres. Duterte

The following article was written by DJ Yap for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It features an interview with Nicanor Perlas concerning his ideas on how to deal with COVID-19 in the Philippines, as expressed on the Open Letter For President Rodrigo R. Duterte and detailed on the supporting Briefing Paper. The feature comes at an […]