February 25, 2024

What can I do if my LGU comes knocking on my door to give me a booster shot?


The Philippine government may have planned for the 4th vaccination drive only for March 10 to 13, 2022, but you can be sure that the door-to-door vaccination will continue long after the “national vaccination days” is finished. So even if this post is made especially for the next three days, it will still be useful in the future. They are, after all, trying to use up as many vaccine shots as possible, but the number of people who are wanting to take the vaccine, or are willing to take the booster shots, is becoming fewer and fewer.

If one of these days, your local government unit (LGU) or staff of the Department of Health (DOH) comes to your home to give you a booster jab, remember that you have the right to reject the shot. We have received the following documents from some of our friends who are also resisting against unnecessary vaccination. We encourage you to print these out as a reference for when you need to reject the “offer” from your LGU and DOH. If you can, please also try to print out copies for your neighbors.

If there is any time you should fight back against these shots, it is now. Remember the more shots you take, the riskier it gets.

3 thoughts on “What can I do if my LGU comes knocking on my door to give me a booster shot?

    1. Hello albert, hope you have found a support group composed of individuals who understand your decision to remain unvaccinated. Many of us here are the last unvaccinated people in our own institutions.

  1. If anyone comes to my door trying to coerce or force me to accept deadly vaccines I will set the dogs on them and report them to the to the international criminal court lawyers currently charging thousands people around the world with committing similar crimes against humanity. The penalty is the death sentence

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