May 29, 2024

Study: Natural Immunity More Effective Protection Than Vaccine


The following article was published by the journal Scientific Reports last November 21, 2023. Using data from 246,113 individuals who matched the study criteria, the researchers found that individuals with natural immunity were at lower risk for infection during the Delta and at higher risk during the Omicron compared to those with no immunity. They also discovered that natural immunity conferred substantial protection against COVID hospitalization.

Moreover, the study found that vaccinated individuals were at higher risk for infection and hospitalization compared to those with natural immunity.

Editor’s Note: We add this article to the already large repository of journal articles on this website showing that natural immunity is still the best protection against COVID (or any virus for that matter). We knew about this before, based on the basics of immunology that we have researched. [Also read Study Confirms Natural Immunity Offers Superior Protection Against Reinfection, Severe Disease Compared To COVID Vaccines, NEJM Study Shows Vaccines Offers No Significant Advantage Compared To Natural Immunity, Study: Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19 Infection, New Study: Natural Immunity from Prior COVID Infection Among Unvaccinated Individuals Lasted for at least 650 Days, Study: Natural immunity still robust and persistent after one and a half year of recovery from COVID infection, New Study Shows Natural Immunity More Protective Over Time Than COVID Vaccination. More articles about natural immunity may be found here.

Now, the scientists who are interested in finding the truth are also finding what we have found. We hope that next time a new “pandemic” comes, people can remain calm people and trust in the power of the human body to overcome challenges – virus or otherwise.

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