May 28, 2024

Rehumanization: The Key To Collective Healing


In this November 1, 2023 article for Yes Magazine, Ghassan Abu-Sitta and Rupa Marya talk about how the Israeli forces are utilizing language that dehumanizes Palestinians in order to rationalize their continued assault attack in Gaza. At the time of writing, the Israeli attack has already led to 21,000 people wounded, and over 8,000 people killed. Of those who died, half were children. According to the authors, Israeli bombs are targeting hospitals and health workers.

The authors say, “The use of dehumanizing language prepares the mind for the brutality the world is now witnessing in Israel’s relentless bombardment of the imprisoned population of Gaza…Dehumanization is a part of the colonial process and is a prelude to massacre. The use of this language is the heralding event we must recognize in order to intercept and collectively intervene to prevent genocide”.

Editor’s Note: While this article refers solely to the Middle East war, the points it raised can be used to analyze several events in our society. For example, do you remember how those who criticized the draconian COVID policies were demonized? Do you remember how the “unvaccinated” were dehumanized when many were terminated from their jobs, refused entry to businesses, and prevented from travel? [Read Study: People who cross-check claims of mainstream media on COVID-19 get branded as “conspiracy theorists“, ‘Let them die’: Canada’s largest newspaper promotes hostility toward the unvaccinated, US Adds ICD Codes To Monitor Vaccination Status, Refer Unvaccinated to “Re-Education” Camps, Germany is Excluding the Unvaccinated from Democracy, Austria Has Fallen to Tyranny, Orders Lockdown for Unvaccinated, No freedom in Australia: Unvaccinated cannot participate in society].

Now think about other issues like veganism, environmentalism, LGBTQIA++, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and others. Every single extreme activist from these movements uses dehumanizing language, and it is not a sign of an enlightened and empowered citizenry. If anything, it is a sign that someone has been indoctrinated in propaganda, because no thinking human being would believe that causing pain to other human beings is just.

This article reminds us of a quote we came across on social media. It said, “I give food, not because I am rich, but because I know how it feels to be hungry. How can Israel act as an oppressor after the kind of brutality and inhumanity it suffered during the time of the Nazis?

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3 thoughts on “Rehumanization: The Key To Collective Healing

  1. There two groups of Jews nowadays. Those who practice the Talmud and those who preserve the Torah. And evils in history always can be traced to the Talmudic Jews (or Zionists). Also, take note that the original Christians were Jews long before the Gentiles became Christians. But there is always an attempt from a single global institution all throughout history to persecute Jews or turn every country against the Jews.

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