June 16, 2024

Ukraine’s Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Refuses to Admit Loss, Insists That New War Technologies Can Turn Tide Around


The following article was published by The New York Times based on an interview conducted The Economist with Ukraine’s Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Gen. Valary Zaluzhny. According to Zaluzhny, Ukraine is in a stalemate with Russia, and “There will most likely be no deep and beautiful breakthrough”.

Zaluhzny insists that Russia and Ukraine are in a stalemate and that if Western allies would provide Ukraine with new military capabilities and technologies such as drones and jamming devices, they still have a chance of winning the war.

Editor’s Note: This article is proof that contrary to what mainstream media wants us to believe, Ukraine has lost the war. The idea of a stalemate is part of the disinformation of the US, NATO, and Ukraine itself. It is an attempt by these forces to rationalize the billions of dollars funneled into Ukraine, and to explain why they need more funds to be sent to the country, despite the reality that people are losing interest with Ukraine [see Zelensky Refuses To Accept Ukraine’s Loss, Loses Local and Global Support for Ukraine War, Poland Breaks Away From NATO, Says It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine, Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledges Ukraine’s Imminent Defeat].

We are still surprised that President Vlodomyr Zelensky still wants to continue this pointless war, despite the fact that Ukraine will have to do it alone now since they no longer have the support of their Western allies. They have not achieved any of their military goals, and they will be receiving less and less aid from other countries. Why is Zelensky so ready to sacrifice his country’s people and resources for a war that does not benefit Ukraine? Is he just protecting his pride, or has he been instructed by his “masters” to continue the war? [Also read Biden: No Possibility of Cease-Fire in Gaza, and watch Public Seminar Episode 44: Vaccine Tyranny Intensifies, Riding a Plane Increasingly Risky, Ukraine = Waterloo of NWO].

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