May 25, 2024

Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledges Ukraine’s Imminent Defeat


In this September 10, 2023 article published by The Telegraph, Richard Kemp talks about the imminent defeat of the Ukraine counteroffensive. Kemp says that support for the Ukraine war is stalling as the possibility of victory continues to dwindle.

Kemp admits that the US has been calling the shots in this war, and highlights the reality that corruption within Ukraine is becoming a deterrent to Western support. Despite this, Kemp offers new methods for fighting against Russia, including strategies for economic warfare. He asserts that continued financial aid for Ukraine is necessary in order to secure Europe against Russian attacks.

Editor’s Note: Why does the US continue to churn out billions of dollars in support of Ukraine, when the rest of the world is already starting to pull out support? What’s in it for the US? [See Democrats Withdrawing Letter To Biden About Ukraine: A Sign Of Cowardice and Corruption and Public Seminar Episode 70: Pain can be Gain. Great Reset Awakening Millions to Resist. FBI Admits Covid made in Lab. Official Data Shows Massive Vaccine Deaths. Ukraine Near Collapse. WHO in trouble. To Hide Defeats, NWO/Decadent West Pushes WWIII].

Everything that has happened in the past three years is all connected. It is all part of the scheme to usher in The Great Reset. We recommend you read the CCH Framework in order to make sense of the connection between COVID and the Ukraine war.

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