May 25, 2024

In a statement to the press, US President Joe Biden said that there is “no possibility” of a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Editor’s Note: Anyone who has been following the Ukraine war knows that this was also how that war began – with Biden urging the Ukrainian government to reject negotiations with Russia, promising unlimited support for Ukraine. But its Western allies have failed to make good on their promises and Ukraine is left to fend for itself as they flock to fuel the war in the Middle East [see Ukraine is Losing the War, and So is Europe, Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledges Ukraine’s Imminent Defeat, Zelensky Refuses To Accept Ukraine’s Loss, Loses Local and Global Support for Ukraine War].

Their intentions are clear – they want the Israel-Hamas conflict to escalate because of the Military-Industrial Complex. What is not being mentioned here is the reality that today’s weapons have the potential to wipe out entire civilizations. [See IT’S COMPLICATED BUT CLEAR. Continued Genocide in Gaza will Force Hezbollah to Attack Israel, Triggering Other Nations to Go to War. Nuclear Holocaust is on the Horizon].

So if Biden insists on no-cease fire, we sure hope Americans understand what the consequences of that push will be.

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