May 30, 2024

IT’S COMPLICATED BUT CLEAR. Continued Genocide in Gaza will Force Hezbollah to Attack Israel, Triggering Other Nations to Go to War. Nuclear Holocaust is on the Horizon


It is now almost a month since the surprise genocidal attack of Hamas on Israel last October 7, 2023 and the disproportionate and insane genocidal response of Israel against Hamas and Palestinian residents in Gaza. Yet the mainstream media all over the world continues to push an incomplete or false picture of the war. They do not explain the extreme danger facing billions of people in the event of a rapid, unstoppable escalation of the war in Gaza. The planet is now the closest it has even been to nuclear annihilation.

Earlier, CCH wrote that, amidst the massive disinformation war perpetuated by both sides, it is very difficult to come to definitive conclusions. However, this CCH article advanced the position that, whatever the real causes and chains of reactions may be, for the sake of humanity’s moral integrity and future, the world should never accept genocide, the killing of innocent civilians as collateral damage, as a tool for achieving military and political objectives.[1]

Genocidal Fever in Israel

But it seems that Israel has a genocidal streak stemming from the radical and extreme Zionist faction[2]Zionism is the worldview that believes in the right of a Jewish state to exist. Its original manifestation in practice was already problematic as shown in the infamous Nakba in 1948, the forced and … Continue reading that currently controls their government. It is important to note immediately that the majority of Jews in Israel and around the world do not support genocidal policies.[3]; … Continue reading In addition, the vast majority do not support the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. They expressed this by protesting for weeks the hundreds of thousands against Netanyahu’s attempt to control the justice system of Israel.[4]

This Zionist genocidal streak in Israel brutally manifested itself most recently in the massive attack on the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza by Israeli military forces.[5] … Continue reading Hundreds were killed and hundreds more were wounded. This attack came after a vote of the UN calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.[6] Israel did not deny the attacks unlike in the case of the al-Ahli hospital.[7] Instead, Israel publicly claimed responsibility for the genocidal attack and said they had to do it to kill a Hamas commander who was present in the refugee camp.[8]; … Continue reading

So, clearly, for Israel, the end justifies the means even if dozens of innocent lives have to be massacred to kill one Hamas commander. This is not only irrational. It is insane and brutal.

Hezbollah Leader’s Much-Awaited Response to Gaza Genocide

Meanwhile, on November 3, 2023, the leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, gave his much-awaited talk to millions around the world.[9]Al Jazeera’s YouTube channel alone, which carried the speech live, has at least 12 million subscribers, not counting the millions who watched the speech live. … Continue reading Despite his intentional “ambiguity”, the direction of his response to the crisis in Gaza was clear. He said that, if the US and Israel continue to commit “genocidal”, and “stupid” acts in Gaza, then Hezbollah will take action to stop the genocide. And, to the excited shouts of support from hundreds of thousands of listeners, Hassan Nasrallah said that “all options are open”. He purposely did not specify what those options were. But it was clear. Hezbollah will do what it takes to stop the genocide in Gaza including an intensification with Israel.

Unknown to most, due to misreporting or conscious censorship, he then also explained that Hezbollah has already had military skirmishes with Israeli forces. On October 8, the day following the “glorious” attack by Hamas, Hezbollah took action at the border of the West Bank and Israel. These were controlled actions meant to divert the full force of the Israeli army away from Gaza.

In short, Hezbollah was already involved in a limited war with Israel since October 8. Nasrallah reported that Israel has already killed more than 50 Hezbollah “martyrs”. With his first full-blown public speech since the start of hostilities in Gaza, Nasrallah warned that Hezbollah will escalate its presence in the war if Israel continues with its genocidal efforts.

For those who have been following this issue historically and presently, this Hezbollah position is a dangerous and alarming position from the perspective of peace and security in the world. Consider the following.

Hezbollah is the only Islamic resistance force that has defeated Israel. Nasrallah referred to this fact several times in his speech. They defeated Israel with a much smaller military force in the July 2006 battle. They also had less sophisticated armaments.

But today, military analysts recognize that Hezbollah has sophisticated missiles that can overcome the Iron Dome defense of Israel. These long-range precise missiles number around 150,000 and can level Israel the way the latter is now leveling Gaza. In addition, Hezbollah is not a rag-tag terrorist group. It has around 100,000 experienced soldiers in its military.[10]

Hezbollah Involvement Likely to Trigger Domino Effect[11]

But this Israeli concern is relatively minor compared with the real problem facing Israel. Behind Hezbollah stands Iran.[12] This is very worrying because Iran has a much larger army of around 523,000 regular combatants and 350,000 reservists.[13]–iranian-conflict/30368967.html Iran also has an arsenal of sophisticated military weapons including hypersonic missiles that can deliver nuclear payloads.[14] Neither the US and Israel have hypersonic missiles that travel at more than 13.5x the speed of sound (Mach 13), or around 10,000 miles per hour or 15,000 kilometers per hour.[15]Ibid.

Then there is Russia, the giant behind Iran. The two countries have informal agreements. Iran has also supplied effective and deadly military drones to Russia in the latter’s war in Ukraine. Eventually, there is a high likelihood that Russia will be drawn into the Middle East war should its help be needed by Iran.

One cannot also discount the frustration of Turkey with the genocidal actions of Israel. Turkey is a very significant force in the Middle East and a member of NATO. Turkey just recalled its ambassador to Israel[16] after its President staged a huge rally warning Israel to desist from its genocidal acts.[17]

In short, when the Hezbollah military goes to war with Israel, it would eventually result in the involvement of Iran and Russia in the conflagration in the Middle East.

Global Condemnation for the Genocide in Gaza

The Palestinians do not only have the Hezbollah-Iran-Russia axis of support. They also have massive support coming from the Arabic and Muslim countries in the Middle East. Already, Yemen Houthis have declared war on Israel.[18] US forces in Iraq have also been attacked.[19] Syria is starting to get activated.

Others, including former allies of Israel have also sent strong signals of displeasure to Israel. Jordan, a staunch ally of Israel, has closed its embassy in Israel.[20] Jordan’s Queen Rania criticized the genocidal attacks against Gaza.[21]

Other countries are also displaying their displeasure against Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza. These include the Latin American countries of Columbia.[22] Bolivia and other Latin American countries went a step further. They cut off their ties with Israel.[23]

On this Corner: Israel-US-Europe Axis of Power

But Israel will not be standing alone. It has the support of its major sponsor, the equally Zionist government of the United States of America.[24] Not all in the US government are extreme Zionists but, so far, the US government … Continue reading US President, Joe Biden, recently declared that he was a Zionist. He also invoked the War Powers Act and gave notice to the Congress of the US regarding the strong possibility of US involvement in the war in the Middle East.[25]

Europe often takes its cue from the US. However, while European leaders have expressed support for Israel, they have also advised Israel to consider humanitarian concerns.[26]

The balancing act of European leaders is due to two factors. First, they foresee that a total breakdown in the Middle East will also mean more problems with war refugees flooding the European landscape, a prospect that could destabilize European governments as in the past.[27] Second, European leaders also have to face the increasing protests from their own citizens, including Jewish ones, to stop the on-going genocide in Gaza.[28]

However, if push comes to shove, Europe will most likely align with the US and Israel. Just witness the mendicant, cowardly, and spineless attitude of European leaders in the war in Ukraine. The US blew up the Nord Stream pipeline which supplies vital gas supplies to Germany and Europe. Yet, despite this pre-announced treacherous act of the US against its own supposed allies, no single country in the European Union stood up and protested this strategic betrayal by the US against European interests.[29]

Meanwhile, while all these horrific messes will surely unfold if the Israeli genocidal attacks on Gaza continue, China will take advantage of the situation and attack Taiwan.[30] This will expand the war theatre to Asia. US forces in the Philippines will defend Taiwan, dragging the Philippines into war with China.

Shifting Alliances

Another layer of complication amidst all these is that all these alliances can shift at the last minute depending on circumstances. For example, the US has cautioned Israel against escalating the attacks In Gaza. Whether it was a ploy or not, Israel ignored the US advice for a humanitarian ceasefire and continued to attack Gaza.[31];

For another example, there are Arabic and/or Muslim countries that are not as radical or committed to militarily confronting Israel. These include Jordan and Saudi Arabia, which have friendly relations with Israel. Nonetheless, these moderate or conservative countries may be forced by their angry citizens to take more aggressive actions to stop the genocide in Gaza.

Moving Towards the Nuclear Option

Despite the overwhelming odds stacked against it, Israel continues to ignore global public opinion, activated and horrified by Israel’s continued campaign of genocide in Gaza. Shortly after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave his warning to Israel, the latter continued its bombing of Gazan innocent citizens.[32]

Given the current circumstances and the prevailing balance of power, Israel will most likely resort to the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Many military experts, however, think that the use of nuclear weapons will not remain at the tactical level. The nuclear response of the enemies of Israel will rapidly evolve into an all-out nuclear war among all nuclear-capable countries in the world, including the US, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, the UK, North Korea, and other nuclear powers in the world.

That dear friends, would then mean the end of the world as we know it; that is, if we will still be alive by then.


2 Zionism is the worldview that believes in the right of a Jewish state to exist. Its original manifestation in practice was already problematic as shown in the infamous Nakba in 1948, the forced and treacherous expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homeland. Its current presence in the world is even worse. The ruling Zionist government of Israel does not believe in peaceful co-existence with Palestinian and other ethnic groups. It does not believe in a two-state solution to resolve the festering crisis in the Middle East. Instead, it believes in ethnic cleansing because Israel is the chosen people of God and God will protect Israel even if it engages in genocidal ethnic cleansing. However, it is important to note that to be anti-Zionist is not to be antisemitic. In addition, there are different shades of Zionism in Israel itself. Netanyahu embodies the most extreme form of Zionism.
9 Al Jazeera’s YouTube channel alone, which carried the speech live, has at least 12 million subscribers, not counting the millions who watched the speech live. All forthcoming quotes from his speech are a direct transcription of this live transmission on Al Jazeera’s YouTube channel.
15 Ibid.
24 Not all in the US government are extreme Zionists but, so far, the US government has been of one mind in terms of support for Israel despite that clearly genocidal acts of massacre in Gaza by the forces of Israel. Just witness the recent bipartisan support for aid and support for Israel approved by the US Congress.

2 thoughts on “IT’S COMPLICATED BUT CLEAR. Continued Genocide in Gaza will Force Hezbollah to Attack Israel, Triggering Other Nations to Go to War. Nuclear Holocaust is on the Horizon

  1. Edited (please disregard previous comment, thank you!)

    Nick? I have a concern about your last two articles. There’s counter evidence in both The Times and The Telegraph regarding the hospital bombing (yes, they are msm sources).

    I understand that Mike Adams shares in the fight against the plandemic (great!), but you have made a special pleading fallacy there. It’s a form of “in-groupism” with the CoVid exposure.

    Hamas has been upfront that their principle is death and to hide behind Palestinian civilians; to use them as human shields. What is a “principled” negotiation then?

    It is very sad that Palestinians are getting killed but why not harp at Jordan and Egypt to fully open their borders to Palestinian civilians so Israel can fully get to Hamas?
    Egypt and Jordan don’t seem to like Palestinians (they’re Muslim “brothers”), however.

    A question of mine now is this:(with respect) is the catastrophising regarding a nuclear holocaust and the demonising of Israel may be coming more from ideological superciliousness rather than more fully and humbly seeing the agenda of the psychopathology of Hamas?

    Hamas understood how corrupt the propaganda of diversity-equity and inclusion is and they have used it well enough to try to get away with what they did. Your two articles btw disappointingly have imprints of DEI.

    Hezbollah has won in the past against Israel yes but are they not currently restrained against attacking Israel? Israel has an overwhelming force against Gaza now. Could not Hezbollah be more scared of Israel? Hamas has decapitated babies, raped the women, murdered everyone they could. They’ve done all the medieval terrorising and Israel is NOT cowed. Far from it. They have nothing else to intimidate Israel with.

    My understanding is there is already a US fleet in the Mediterranean. Iran, Beirut (should they be stupid enough to do more terrorising) will be decimated if the US gets drawn into this.

    Are we really looking at a nuclear holocaust or are we not looking at the danger of a wider conflagration of radical and barbaric islamicists as well as the death of wokeism?

    Would not the weakening and eventual demise of those two be welcome news to an authentic and spiritually conscious world?

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