May 30, 2024

Zelensky Refuses To Accept Ukraine’s Loss, Loses Local and Global Support for Ukraine War


The carefully constructed narrative surrounding the Ukraine War is slowly falling apart as Volodymyr Zelensky has started to lose support among his countrymen. In this November 1, 2023 article for Time Magazine, Simon Shuster reports on the protracted war in Ukraine and the “fading enthusiasm for a war with no end in sight”.

Zelensky has been betrayed by his Western allies as more and more countries start to withdraw their support. Even his own advisers are worried about the outcome of the war. One of Zelensky’s closest aids remarked, “He deludes himself…We are out of options. We are not winning. But try telling him that”.

Editor’s Note: For those who don’t know. Simon Shuster was the same journalist who wrote the 2022 article naming Zelensky as TIME’s Person of the Year. For him to write an article that validates the many criticisms of Zelensky’s own government is a sign of things to come. Zelensky has fallen from grace, and just like Afghanistan and the other countries where the US and EU began a proxy war, Ukraine will be left to contend with the consequences of the war, all without aid from their Western allies.

The Ukraine war is bound to end, and the Ukrainians will all be the worse for it. Perhaps Zelensky will be disgraced for his delusion while the US and EU continue on to fund wars and sell weapons to propel their own economies forward. [Read more about the outlook for the Ukraine war here.]

The Philippines must learn its lessons from Ukraine’s experience. We must continue our neutrality stance, even as the US is promising support in case of an all-out war against China. While it is important for us to assert our country’s sovereignty, we must avoid war at all costs.

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