April 17, 2024

Poland Breaks Away From NATO, Says It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine


In a surprising announcement, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced last September 21, 2023 that Poland will now focus on its own defense and that it will no longer arm Ukraine. The announcement was initially published by the AFP News Agency and was reported by several other news agencies.

In the article attached below, Tyler Durden asks an important question: “Will this massive and hugely significant about-face mark the beginning of the end?”

Editor’s Note: The tide is turning as more and more countries are starting to turn their backs on Ukraine [See Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledges Ukraine’s Imminent Defeat].

Meanwhile, the US averted another federal shutdown as the Democrat-led Senate was forced to suspend aid to Ukraine. Despite this, American President Joe Biden insists that further funding for Ukraine must be passed, saying “We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted”. Meanwhile, Democrats have vowed to find ways to continue funding the war. [For those who want to know how much aid has been sent by the US to Ukraine, read this article.]

One must simply ask, why are Democrats so keen on continuing the Ukraine war when it is already clear that the manufactured support for the war is already waning? [Watch Public Seminar Episode 70: Pain can be Gain. Great Reset Awakening Millions to Resist. FBI Admits Covid made in Lab. Official Data Shows Massive Vaccine Deaths. Ukraine Near Collapse. WHO in trouble. To Hide Defeats, NWO/Decadent West Pushes WWIII. and Public Seminar Episode 60: Proof NWO exists. Controls continuing COVID and Ukraine Scandals. Manipulates world events. Destroy medicine. More fighters for humanity emerge to understand the role of Ukraine to the New World Order. Also read Ukraine is Losing the War, and So is Europe, Is Ukraine’s Digital ID System a Blue Print for WEF’s Great Reset?, US built biolabs in Ukraine to “dismantle weapons of mass destruction”].

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