April 20, 2024

3 Ways to Overcome the Toll of the Pandemic


In this July 2, 2021 article written by Jennifer Kozek for Healing without Hurting, she discusses three ways for us to gain control over our post-pandemic emotions and thoughts: boosting your immune system, embracing spirituality, and guided imagery and bilateral stimulation.

Aside from explaining how each strategy is utilized, Kozek also discusses the science that supports each method.

Editor’s Note: This article is helpful especially as many people are still struggling to control their own lives, two years after the pandemic. If we are not to fall prey to another scamdemic, we must learn to overcome the COVID hysteria. We must realize that pandemics have been happening for as long as humans have roamed this earth, and only a strong immune system can protect us from new “viruses” that could threaten to wipe out our species.

We must also realize that a healthy psychological, emotional, and spiritual life is the path towards a meaningful life. It is the only way we can unlock our inherent capacity to consciously evolve into the beings that we were always meant to become.

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