May 27, 2024

Some Good News: Human Beings Are Awakening


This April 14, 2024 video by Foster Gamble presents a narrative of optimism and empowerment amidst perceived global challenges. Gamble highlights a positive shift in consciousness among individuals, emphasizing the awakening to personal creativity and love.

Using examples from Tennessee, Foster discusses legislative actions against perceived threats such as chemtrailing and mRNA vaccines in food, alongside efforts to protect women’s sports and address financial concerns. The narrative suggests a growing movement of individuals standing against perceived injustices and emphasizes the importance of personal empowerment and collective action.

Editor’s Note: News like this is important because it shows us that there are many people like us. Many are seeing the problem with our current civilization, and are doing their best to make changes within their spheres of influence.

For us here at CCH, this only affirms what we have long believed in. Human freedom and dignity are worth fighting for. That our work has an impact, and whether this website continues or not, we believe that seeds of hope for a better future have been planted in the hearts of our readers.

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