May 27, 2024

The article critiques the push for a global digital ID and the development of the metaverse. It emphasizes concerns about privacy, control, and manipulation, it also highlights the financial interests driving these initiatives and warns of the potential erosion of individual identities and freedoms. It raises alarms about the integration of human biology with digital technology and the potential societal implications.

Editor’s note: This piece raises crucial concerns about autonomy, especially in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Take the potential consequences of initiatives like global digital IDs and the metaverse as an example. In an era where personal data is increasingly collected and controlled by the powerful few, safeguarding individual autonomy is a necessity. There is a need for critical questioning of these technological advancements, as they have the potential to shape societal norms, influence behavior, and even challenge established democratic systems. [UN’s Global Digital ID Paves the Way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Biometric Digital ID Systems: A Path Towards Total Control]

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