April 17, 2024

Transhumanism and the COVID Scamdemic


The following article features a podcast interview between Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and T.J. Coles, author and researcher at Plymouth’s University Cognition Institute in the UK.

In the interview, Coles said that even before the pandemic, “authoritarian vectors” were already growing in power. He adds that the pandemic offered the perfect opportunity for these “vectors” to take over media and our regulatory institutions. Coles adds that transhumanism and biofascism are becoming the tools of the technological elite, with the “intellectuals” at the World Economic Forum driving the agenda.

Editor’s Note: It is difficult for people to accept that indeed, transhumanism and biofascism are the end goal of the New World Order, especially for the Philippines, where our internet is still considered the slowest in the world. While a world dominated by machines is still fantastical for us, Filipinos, this is an increasing reality in many countries around the world.

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