May 25, 2024

Israel’s Transhumanist Future: A Model For All Of Humanity?


The following is a 1 hour 27 minute report by Ilana Rachel Daniel on transhumanism in Israel. According to Daniel, “The headlines leave no room for misinterpretation. They are transforming Israel into a world bioconvergence leader in the next decade”.

In this report, Daniel looks at how COVID has enabled the widespread experimentation and data gathering that will pave the way for a transhumanist future for humanity.

Editor’s Note: In 2020, we already knew that COVID was a trojan horse that will pave the way for global authoritarianism [see Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance].

What we didn’t say then was that we knew that it was going to become an opportunity for transhumanists to push their agenda to trap humanity into a form where their spiritual essence can no longer thrive.

Give time to watch this video because it will give you a clear understanding of why governments continue to terrorize their citizens with talk about the next pandemic and the need for digitalization. It will also give you an idea of the path we must take in order to fight back and reclaim our humanity and our freedoms.

Also watch Public Seminar Episode 32: Transhumanism 101: Know It! Your Life Depends on It Part II to understand the issue of transhumanism and the quest for human immortality. A second video, the Public Seminar Episode 34: Transhumanism, 21st Century Science, Christ and the Resurrection of Humanity should help you get a clearer understanding of the battle we are facing.

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