May 30, 2024

The Pentagon Unveils Plan To Supercharge US Troops’ Immune Systems


In this January 11, 2023 article for The Daily Caller, Micaela Burrow reports on a new initiative unveiled by the US Department of Defense (DOD). According to the report, the DOD is launching a new strategy that is “aimed at making those who serve in the armed forces impervious to every conceivable chemical or biological threat”.

The document detailing the strategy may be found here.

Editor’s Note: This strategy will require close collaboration between the government and pharmaceutical companies. Could this be the reason why the government insisted on the country-wide rollout of the experimental mRNA shots? Were they only collecting information to feed this new experiment they are launching? Is this the reason why the government forced its military to take the dangerous COVID shots? Was that the beginning of the experiments within the military?

We hope you read the entire article from Daily Caller because this will educate you on the extent of the transhumanist agenda within the DOD. [Watch Episode 31: Transhumanism 101: Know about it. Your Life Depends on it. and Episode 32: Transhumanism 101: Know It! Your Life Depends on It Part II to know more.

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