April 19, 2024

More Scientific Studies Prove that Covid Vaccines Can Kill and Harm People


The evidence continues to pour in that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Here are some of the new scientific studies that we all need to be familiar with given the official climate of disinformation. 

Note that, as previously emphasized, we can easily go and cite the actual scientific studies that are being reported upon by a serious analyst. We have done this over a thousand times in the past. However, unless otherwise necessary, we no longer do this for a number of reasons. 

First, we want our readers to learn the skill of accessing and analyzing original and credible source evidence. It is part of the skill that we all have to learn as we struggle through this age of Information Warfare.  

Second, we chose secondary sources (like another person commenting on an original study) if that person has repeatedly shown himself or herself to be a reliable source of pointing to and analyzing scientific studies. This is the case in all of the articles that we cite below. 

Third, we encourage readers to get exposed to the amazing wealth of the new ecosystem of truth that has emerged and flourished amidst the massive censorship and disinformation imposed on humanity by the elite powers of the world. It simply demonstrates that truth is so important for humans that they would go to great lengths, even to their own financial disadvantage, to continue pressing for truth. For indeed, as Christ said, ” You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free”. 

So here we go. 

Moderna Study Shows that their Vaccines Harm Children

You will need to read the article yourself. The analytical thinking of the author is so tight that it would take too long to elaborate in a context where summaries of studies are being given. What is important to note is what the title says. The vaccines do harm children and, as the article shows, a significant number of them were hospitalized. 

“Large-vessel vasculitis following the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine”

This source is directly from the website of the NIH, a government institution that is like the Vatican of the US medical complex. Vasculitis is an inflammation of the heart vessels. Here is the pertinent quote from the scientific study. 

“To our knowledge, this is the first report of large vessel vasculitis following by BNT162b2 vaccination. Moreover, cases of vasculitis secondary to SARS-CoV-2 infection or after COVID-19 vaccination have also been reported in temporal association with their administration. (Table ​(Table1).1). Physicians should be aware of this complication but should continue to encourage vaccination efforts given the well-documented safety profile and efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech BNT16B2b2 mRNA vaccine [5]. Further randomized studies would be required to compare the frequencies and type of immune-mediated manifestations after these vaccines.”

This article also demonstrates the need to be politically correct even in scientific journals. This is why we have emphasized the importance of having both contextual and factual knowledge to assess the value and usefulness of articles. 

The article acknowledges the side effects. However, it still promotes the use of Covid vaccines because of the “well documented safety profile and efficacy” of the Covid vaccines. This statement is absolutely not true. See the next article below. 

Latest CDC VAERS Data Reveal Over 36,000 Deaths and 67,000+ Permanent Disabilities After Covid Vaccination

See https://vaersanalysis.info/2023/09/08/vaers-summary-for-covid-19-vaccines-through-9-1-2023/

As most know, the CDC makes it difficult for non-experts to understand and analyze its data. This website helps the non-scientist understand the VAERS vaccine injury and death data. Yet most analysts think this data underestimates the amount of damage the COVID vaccines have done. See Scientists Sound Alarm: Vaccines Will Kill Millions, COVID-19 Vaccines Seriously Millions and Sabotaged Economies with $147 Billion in Losses, Vaccination Psychosis Lifting As New Data From CDC Shows Millions Injured By Vaccines, Public Seminar Episode 70: Pain can be Gain. Great Reset Awakening Millions to Resist. FBI Admits Covid made in Lab. Official Data Shows Massive Vaccine Deaths. Ukraine Near Collapse. WHO in trouble. To Hide Defeats, NWO/Decadent West Pushes WWIII. to Re].

Even if these underestimates are accurate, it clearly shows that the vaccines are not safe and effective. Now we understand the statement above of political correctness that is now part of the scientific establishment. Such a practice has no place in science if science is truly an objective undertaking. Unfortunately, in our time, even science has been sabotaged and held hostage by world powers that are definitely wanting to destroy democracy and control humanity.  

Shocking! Covid variants most likely manufactured, not due to natural evolution

This is an unusual report on a scientific article. This quote tells it all: “Coupled with observations of implausibly low numbers of “silent” mutations in SARS-CoV2 variants, Tanaka and Miyazawa argue that all variants emerging since the original Wuhan outbreak are unnatural, and speculate that they represent an experimental program to test determinants of the infectivity and pathogenicity of SARS-CoV2 in the global population.”  

This evidence makes it even more believable that the vaccines have nothing to do with our health. They are part of a large global experiment on depopulation and controlling humans. 

There are more scientific studies out there that prove that the COVID-19 vaccines are nothing but a fraud and they are killing and seriously injuring people. We will continue making the public aware of these studies as we have done in the past. 

So, next time you hear a regulatory agency pronounce that the vaccines are safe and effective, you can tell them to go F*@k themselves! Strong words! But what do you tell psychopathic killers who continue to promote deadly bioweapons and tell you that these poisons are good for you? 

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