April 15, 2024

Newsweek Columnist Deconstructs  Bidenomics. So What?


In an Opinion piece on September 8, 2023,  Newsweek published an article by Josh Hammer entitled,  “‘Bidenomics’ Gaslighting Reveals POTUS’s Impotence in Lead-Up to 2024 | Opinion”.  Josh Hammer is Senior Editor-At-Large at Newsweek

Hammer argues that the benefits of Bidenomics is an illusion. “The president and his team intend to make so-called Bidenomics the focal point of their re-election campaign messaging. …. There is just one glaring problem: It is all a lie. Biden can try to gaslight the American people and retcon the past few years to his heart’s content, but the evidence is simply overwhelming. The ruse will not work.”

Hammer then goes on to explain why, contrary to Biden’s lies, the US economy has entered recession since 2022. Inflation is also highest compared to the last four decades. Interest rate hikes are also bound to happen in the near future. Supply chain issues continue to plague the US economy. 

Then, Hammer points out the problems with energy supplies, massive illegal immigration from the South, huge influx of drugs, the “barbaric ‘surgeries’ of modern gender ideology’ and so on and so forth. 

Hammer reaches one conclusion. “So Biden and his cackler henchwoman, Vice President Kamala Harris, will run on “Bidenomics.” And they will ask you not to believe your own lying eyes—to believe that the turd sandwich they are offering up is actually a tasty filet mignon. You just have to squint hard enough!… With any luck, that profound cynicism will soon come crashing into reality.”

Editor’s Note.  Readers may be surprised why CCH chose to highlight this article. The topic may seem obscure in terms of its importance. There are a number of important reasons for CCH’s choice to report on this article. 

First, Newsweek is generally considered as part of the mainstream media (MSM) that often espouses a left-wing position.  Now, it seems that there is a turning of the tide that is happening. Usually, MSM outlets toe the line on the policies and deeds of Biden. But this is not the case with this Newsweek article. It basically demolishes the lie that Bidenomics is a great success. 

It would now be interesting to see if Newsweek continues with this policy of allowing real journalistic pieces to be published under its name. That may seem to be the case. Josh Hammer describes himself as a voice of the “New Right” and his podcast program, the Josh Hammer Show, is part of Newsweek Network.  It is important to add, that, in its effort to be balanced, Newsweek allows both Left and  New Right writers access to its important news platform.  If one has contextual and factual knowledge, Newsweek could be an important source of information. 

In saying this, CCH emphasizes that it is neither Left nor Right nor even Green. It follows where the facts truly are and bases its perspective and analysis on this independent stance on truth. Truth can come from any source if one has the proper inner preparation and discernment to recognize the truth. 

Second, it has become common knowledge that the US is an empire. In recent years, these empire has become visibly totalitarian. Its fraudulent and unscientific Covid policies are just one prominent example of many other examples covered by CCH. 

All empires are sustained by their economies. If its economy fails, then ultimately the empire will fall. The economics of the current US empire is Bidenomcis. Independent media has heavily criticized the lying claims of the Biden administration regarding its economic policies. 

To read a pro-Biden MSM critique of Bidenomics can only mean one thing. It is a serious warning that the US economy is in trouble because even institutions supporting Biden are strongly criticizing his economic policies. With a failing economy, the US Empire’s strategic imperatives will be diverted from its original direction of global control and domination. That, in turn, will free up the democratic spaces of other countries. Just witness what is happening in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and other places around the world.  

Third, the failure of Bidenomics in a US election season makes the Democratic party vulnerable to defeat by other presidential candidates. This will result in a change of leadership in the US government. Ultimately this will lead to dramatic changes in US policies that have plagued the world. . 

The significance of an article depends on the context and timing of the appearance of the article. Given the above considerations, and despite whatever hidden motives Newsweek has for publishing this article, this latter could be a sign that the Information World War is finally turning in favor of those who are fighting for Truth and a better future for humanity. 

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