April 17, 2024

EXCLUSIVE! Alex Jones Appears On Top Russian Talk Show – “Americans Are Against The War”


Vladimir Solovyev has more than 50 million viewers in Russia. His talk show is the top Russian talk show. Solovyev has interviewed Putin many times in his talk show. He is very well-versed in Russian domestic and foreign affairs and also influences Russian public opinion. This video also shows very clearly that he closely follows developments in the USA. 

Alex Jones is one of the most influential TV show hosts in the USA. He reaches tens of millions on a daily basis. World leaders and intelligence officers, among others, listen to his broadcasts. This influence stems from the many accurate predictions on US and world affairs that Jones has made over the past 20 years. 

The current Biden government lists Alex Jones among its top public enemies. For this reason, the government has been harassing Alex Jones for many years and has tried to shut down his operations. The mainstream media also releases dozens of fake news about Alex Jones on a daily basis hoping to prevent Americans and others from accessing and believing in the news analysis of Alex Jones. 

So when these top two TV show hosts in the top two nuclear countries in the world meet up, very interesting information and perspectives surface. You will have to watch the video to appreciate this important cultural event happening amidst the highest tension point between the two world powers engaged in a proxy war in Ukraine. 

Editor’s Note. CCH chose to highlight this conversation for a number of reasons. 

First, it is clear that Russia is no longer the communist state that mainstream media keeps on brainwashing the world to believe. It is also not expansionist. 

Second, ordinary Russians and US citizens do not approve of the continuation of the war in Ukraine. Biden’s continued support of the war in Ukraine is alienating more and more Americans. Around 80% of American citizens do not favor the continued military and financial support by the US for the war in Ukraine. 

Third, instead of battling each other, if both countries think of long-range strategic cooperation on the basis of their respective strengths, then that partnership would result in unprecedented world progress and peace. 

 Fourth, it is instructive to see the different but converging perspectives of both the majority of Russian and US citizens on the whole issue of transgenderism. 

This conversation is reminiscent of the attempts of US and USSR citizens during the height of the Cold War in the 1980s to bring greater understanding and dialogue between the US and the USSR or Communist Russia. 

Ultimately, such dialogues will overpower the relentless programming of the mainstream media in the US that Russia is the evil empire when, in fact, the latter is slowly but surely returning to its Christian roots of over a thousand years ago. Meanwhile, as Russia becomes more democratic, the USA is becoming more and more totalitarian and destructive. CCH predicted this latter development months ago. [Read Public Seminar Episode 66: Covid Leads to Surveillance Planet. US Now a Rogue State. VIP CCH Announcements].

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