June 15, 2024

Vaccination Psychosis Lifting As New Data From CDC Shows Millions Injured By Vaccines


In this October 4, 2022 article, SuperSally888 discusses the implications of the V-Safe data compiled by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

V-safe is a smartphone-based program that was made specifically by the CDC to track symptoms following COVID shots. Unlike the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), V-Safe does not track deaths but it is still useful to determine just how prevalent adverse events are among the COVID-vaccinated.

The V-Safe data has been kept hidden by the CDC until it was forced to give access to the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) after being ordered by a judge. [This is part of several data sets that the CDC is not publishing, see CDC withholds large amount of data for fear of “misinterpretation”].

ICAN created an interactive dashboard to help people understand the data better. According to V-Safe, out of the 10 million who used the app, 3.3 million individuals (or 33%) experienced adverse events. Of those who experienced adverse events, 1.2 million were unable to perform normal activities, and 0.8 million required medical care.

The V-Safe data showed that data between January to May 2021 already showed that “health experts” already knew that adverse events were not “rare” and that there was reason to believe it was not safe.

SuperSally888 also covered events relating to the most recent “Special Week of Vaccination” set by the Philippine government. She notes the government’s failure to achieve this target and stresses that “Filipinos no longer want these jabs!”

To address vaccine hesitancy, the government is once again rolling out incentives for LGUs to increase booster uptake and for people who take booster shots.

Editor’s Note: This article illustrates the massive corruption within our healthcare systems. It also shows how Big Pharma used our governments to force us to take an experimental product, violating our right to life and self-determination.

Let us be clear. The CDC is a criminal organization. It hid the V-Safe data because it did support its “safe and effective” narrative. They allowed states to impose mandatory vaccination despite the knowledge that there was a huge number of people who were severely affected by the COVID shots. They have also allowed these shots to be rolled out to children, toddlers, and babies despite the massive side effects they caused.

Doctors and “health experts” who continue to support such an organization despite all the emerging evidence of harm are just as guilty.

How many more need to die before people awaken to the damage of these experimental shots? How many children need to be damaged for life before parents realize that these “vaccines” are dangerous?

It takes a lot of courage for pro-vaccine advocates to accept the reality that they were wrong. For the sake of saving people from sure death, our hope is that there are more doctors whose moral integrity is stronger than their pride [also see Pro-Vax Cardiologist Shifts Stance, Calls For The Immediate Suspension of COVID Shots].

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