July 22, 2024

Marcos Signs Law Vetoed By Duterte, Makes SIM Card Registration Mandatory

Marcos Signs Law Vetoed By Duterte, Makes SIM Card Registration Mandatory

In this October 10, 2022 article published by GMA News Online, Anna Felicia Bajo reports on the signing of Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Registration Act.

The law enables law enforcement to require public telecommunication entities (PTEs) to disclose the information contained by a SIM card upon subpoena or court order. The law also mandates PTEs to submit a verified list of their authorized dealers and agents to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

According to Bajo, the law has included provisions to safeguard the personal data of subscribers.

In a comment, Ivan Uy, Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) the SIM card registration bill could help digital banking in the future. He adds that it could even be integrated with the national ID.

Editor’s Note: People will remember that in 2012, President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed the SIM Card Registration Bill because it included the registration of SIM Cards and social media accounts in the Philippines.

While the contested provision has already been deleted from the signed law, the fact is that many of the issues related to SIM card registration have not been addressed. The GMA News article attached below is one-sided because it makes no mention of the myriad of privacy issues that arise from this law.

In an article published by the Philippine Star last February 2022, cybersecurity analyst Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos already said that SIM Registration could cause more harm than good. She said, “SIM registration has the potential to put the security, privacy, and welfare of citizens at risk. Experiences from other developing countries and the European Union show that SIM card registration may pose more risks than benefits to citizens”.

Mirandilla-Santos’ concerns are echoed by Privacy International: “Mandatory SIM card registration is yet another way for government and industry to build identity systems to support their need to administer, govern, and profit. They are being used to facilitate targeting, profiling, and surveillance.

Moreover, there is no empirical evidence showing that the measure could decrease cybercrimes.

It is clear that the passing of the SIM Registration Law is one step towards bringing the Great Reset home to the Philippines. [We recommend you read the following articles to better understand the Great Reset The Great Reset is Accelerating into Global Tyranny, Vaccine Passports Are Conditioning Us To Accept The Great Reset, Is Ukraine’s Digital ID System a Blue Print for WEF’s Great Reset?, Report Shows Canada’s Digital ID “Uncomfortably” Close To China’s Social Credit Score, WEF Is Marching Us Toward A Life Of Passive Obedience, WEF’s 10 Most Chilling Vision Of The Future. Also, read Marcos Wants 92M Filipinos With Digital IDs by mid-2023].

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