April 17, 2024

WEF Says Technology for Hackable Humans Now Underway


A session during the recently conducted Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) entitled Ready For Brain Transparency? opened with a video showing how employees’ brain waves can be decoded in order to determine their performance in the workplace, as well as gather other information about them.

Though the video was only showing a fictional scenario, presenters during the WEF session underscored the reality that the framework for such technology is already in place. Nita Farahany from Duke University said that the technology to decode brainwaves already exists and that it is already being rolled out. She says, “We can pick up emotional states like are you happy or sad or angry. We can pick up and decode faces that you’re seeing in your mind — simple shapes, numbers, your PIN number to your bank account”.

Editor’s Note: Protecting our privacy becomes even more important as artificial intelligence advances. Today, AI is able to create a complete profile of your preferences and habits using only your browsing data. Can you imagine how much power it becomes when it gains the capacity to cross-check the profile it created of you vis-a-vis your private thoughts and emotions?

Imagine how governments have manipulated their citizens in the past three years to believe in COVID hysteria. This brainwave technology would supercharge the strategies employed during the COVID scamdemic, but that would only be the beginning. Ultimately, their goal is to create a digital prison for all of humanity [see The Ultimate Goal of the WEF is to Control and Change Life on Earth, Public Seminar Episode 68: New Normal Absolutely Mad. WHO Sneaks in Medical Marital Law. Digital Prisons Created All Over. Intense Battle between Good and Evil on all Fronts. We Must All Fight for a Better World., Public Seminar Episode 69: EMERGENCY BROADCAST. Senate Bill 1869 = Permanent Lockdowns, Forced Vaccinations, Digital Prisons, Medical Martial Law under WHO/NWO Control., WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! The Senate is Rushing the Approval of SB 1869. This is a Digital Prison for Filipinos, Controlled by the WHO, Aided by Our Treacherous Government Which Will Surveil Us 24/7].

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