June 16, 2024

In this November 19, 2023 article for Brownstone Institute, David Bell says that the “empty utilitarian way of living that puts no value to life” promoted by transhumanism has created meaninglessness. Despite this, Bell says that we, human beings, have an innate knowing that there is something more to life than just “raw survival and future income generation”.

Editor’s Note: To be honest, the life Bell is describing in the article below is becoming a norm, especially after the COVID hysteria. Many have devoted their lives to survival and comfort, rarely stopping to appreciate the beauty of the simple things. Individuals who are capable of reflecting on life’s purpose have become rare. The reality is that it will become harder and harder to push back against the transhumanist impulse, especially as their beliefs are now infiltrating families and schools [Also read BMJ Report Warns Against Gates Foundation’s “AI for Global Health”].

The good news is that belief in transhumanism is unnatural. It does not feel right for the human soul. Can you imagine life without wonder? Can you imagine how much effort it takes to drown out the possibility that relationships based on love, trust, and respect can actually exist? People know, in the deepest of their beings, that there are some things in this world that cannot be explained by the physical. In fact the sciences are changing and the evidence suggests that a purely materialistic explanation of the world is limited, it cannot explain the diversity and dynamics of our current world [We encourage you to read our sister websites Fully Human and Irise to get examples of the findings of the new, more spiritual scientific revolution].

These transhumanists are the kind of people who are trying to dominate the world. Do you really think they have the capacity to make this world a more beautiful place when they cannot perceive beauty, love, and joy?

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2 thoughts on “How Transhumanism Destroys Life

  1. People may not like the idea of totalitarian control and oppression but many especially the young generation, cannot abandon the wonders of modern technologies and conveniences like cashless transactions, smartphones, face recognition technologies, digital IDs, digital coercions etc. from intruding their lives. At present, civil disobedience/non-compliance is the best way to resist the “New World Order” from taking place. But its sad that many prefer to enjoy the present technologies than having a second thought of how it will deprive them of their privacy and freedom.

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