June 16, 2024

White House Monkeypox Response Outlines How US Wants To Retain Its Global Leadership


The following statement was released by the White House last June 28, 2022, weeks before monkeypox was declared a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In it, the US outlined how it plans to respond to the monkeypox outbreak:

  1. Expand vaccination for individuals at risk.
  2. Make testing more convenient.
  3. Lead monkeypox research globally.

Editor’s Note: To date, the US has already allotted $140M to fund the White House’s monkeypox research priorities in order to improve “improve data on transmission, testing, vaccines, equitable treatments and environmental factors”.

We all know what that means – in the near future, the number of monkeypox cases will rise as testing increases, and governments will return to draconian lockdowns and other methods of curtailing civil liberties in order to combat the spread. Soon, the US will say that monkeypox can also be asymptomatic, and everyone, including young children, must take the vaccine. And on the deception goes if people do not stand up for the truth.

For some, these predictions might sound outrageous. But not for us. In the same way that we were able to predict vaccine coercion in 2020 and the superiority of natural immunity against COVID, we are once again, seeing the writing on the wall. [See Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance, Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System].

The US wants the International Health Regulations amended, and monkeypox will be exploited to make that happen. [Read World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative, WHO withdraws 12 of 13 IHR amendment proposals amid widespread opposition].

The only thing that stands against the US and the globalist forces is citizen action. [Read Sign the Petition: Refuse and Reject the WHO Powergrab That Would Lead to Global Medical Martial Law].

If you don’t yet understand what monkeypox is, then read about it now, and make sure to inform your contacts about your discovery. Remember: information is our greatest weapon. Share it while you still can, because it will only be a matter of time before social platforms begin censoring information about monkeypox.

We encourage you to read the minutes of the Second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee regarding the multi-country outbreak of monkeypox to know the latest guidance given by the WHO to countries. We recommend that you pay attention to the languaging used, the recommendation to expand the use of the PCR testing for monkeypox to prevent the “undetected transmission of the monkeypox virus”, the preparation for the rapid rollout of monkeypox vaccines to “vulnerable groups”, the use of “digital listening” and detection of “misinformation that might hamper rapid response”.

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