May 25, 2024

UN Pushing For Philippines To Decriminalize Abortion, Legalize Divorce, Pass Anti-Discrimination Law


A proposal from the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee is pushing for the passing of legislation that they say is “aimed at keeping the country in line with an international treaty on civil and political rights”. The report on this was published by the Philippine Star last November 5, 2022.

Some of the legislative reforms being proposed by the UN panel include the following:

  • Repealing of criminal penalties imposed on women and girls who undergo abortion and the medical providers who help them do so.
  • Guarantee access to safe, legal, and effective access to abortion
  • Legalization of divorce
  • Comprehensive anti-discrimination bills

Editor’s Note: Anyone who is abreast with what is happening globally should realize that these are all issues being raised by the woke community. Unfortunately, the good intentions behind these policies have been undermined.

Our lawmakers should be careful about copy-pasting provisions from other countries if we do not want to experience the cultural wars happening in the West.

We also want to say that there is no authority that can dictate to the Philippines what it must do, not even the United Nations. We hope that our leaders have at least learned enough to know when our country’s sovereignty is being impinged upon by these international organizations which are not accountable to the citizens of this country.

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2 thoughts on “UN Pushing For Philippines To Decriminalize Abortion, Legalize Divorce, Pass Anti-Discrimination Law

  1. It will be funny if the government of Philippinas obey the directions of the Made in USA by the USA elite for their benefitial the corrupt U.N. and its tentacles to permit kill babies as some few contries are doing and not lift for once and all the CONvid circus mandates. It is almost a “coincidence” when looking at IATA map where restrictions are still in effect around the globe that most of the countries that still with forced paranoia are U.S. colonies where the Made in USA funded by B&M Foundation and the communist chinese party, the corrupt CDC have certainly big fingers bribing these colonies as many executives of the corrupt CDC have or had worked for only-for-profit big pharmas. The writer above is right when warn about the UN aims to spread the idea that is fine and ok to kill babies. Next like couple of countries in northern europe is that assisted suicide are ok and law now. The elites and their plan of depopulate are going to work really good if more countries adhere to these repugnant ok to kill policies. It is our Sovereignity that’s in danger. Our culture and beliefs. And this all is against the globalist desire to control and dominate the world with one government; the Elites Government.

    1. Have you seen the latest news re: WEF meeting BBM and Leni as speaker of conference organized by Obama? Trully, the architects of Great Reset are ensuring that the Philippines is within their control.

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