April 17, 2024

Mainstream media finally takes notice COVID reinfections becoming more frequent


In this July 1, 2022 article for AP News, Laura Ungar tries to normalize COVID reinfections, blaming it on waning immunity and more infectious COVID variants.

Ungar claims that despite several vaccinated personalities testing positive for COVID multiple times, it is the unvaccinated who are more likely to be reinfected. Moreover, young people or those who had a mild infection the first time are also more prone to reinfection.

Ungar further claims that reinfection for the vaccinated is typically mild, but goes on to narrate that reinfection could increase the risk for more serious outcomes and health problems.

Editor’s Note: It is clear why this article has to be published by mainstream media. First, reinfections among the vaccinated can no longer be ignored, what with four times vaccinated Anthony Fauci testing positive for COVID for the third time.[1]https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/29/us/politics/fauci-paxlovid-covid.html

Of course, this article has another purpose: to sell the updated COVID shots [see FDA Experts Approves Updating Of COVID Shots For A Variant That No Longer Exists].

You can be sure that more of this fear-mongering will come out in mainstream media as governments once again collude with Big Pharma in selling useless COVID shots.

There are also many things wrong with this article. For one, the fact that reinfection is going to be frequent is already known since the beginning, but there is also a consensus saying that it is natural immunity, not vaccines, that is able to establish long-term protection against COVID [see New Study: Natural Immunity from Prior COVID Infection Among Unvaccinated Individuals Lasted for at least 650 Days, CDC Director Acknowledges Infection-Induced Immunity aka Natural Immunity, Study: Natural immunity still robust and persistent after one and a half year of recovery from COVID infection, Iceland: Vaccines Not Enough, as Many as Possible People Need to be Infected for herd immunity].

Children are also unlikely to get reinfected because of their strong immune responses [see Study shows babies and toddlers generates stronger immune response against COVID than adults, Study shows babies and toddlers generates stronger immune response against COVID than adults].

Also, recent evidence is showing that it is the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, who are getting experiencing reinfections due to impaired immune systems [see Study: Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19 Infection, Finally on mainstream media: COVID shots impair long-term immunity].

From this article alone we can already judge how terrible the editorial standards are of mainstream media outlets. Are they not fact-checking their data, or are they simply hoping that no one will notice the propaganda?

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