February 21, 2024

Fauci Fear-Mongers Again: Says US Could Experience Fifth Wave in COVID Infections


This article was written by Yelena Dzhanova and was published by Business Insider last November 29, 2021.

In it, Dzhanova quotes new statements from Dr. Anthony Fauci who said, “We certainly have the potential to go into a fifth wave…And the fifth wave, or the magnitude of any increase, if you want to call it that it will turn into a wave, will really be dependent upon what we do in the next few weeks to a couple of months.”

Fauci urges Americans to get vaccinated and boosters. He said: “If we do that successfully in a very intensive way, we can mitigate any increase. If we don’t do it successfully, it is certainly conceivable and maybe likely that we will see another bit of a surge. How bad it gets is dependent upon us and how we mitigate.”

Editor’s Note: What sort of “wave” is Fauci expecting? A wave of cases of a wave of deaths?

If Fauci was referring to a new wave of cases, we wonder how he thinks that the vaccines can “mitigate” this new “wave” when he knows full well that the vaccines cannot prevent infection and transmission [see Fauci: Early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms, not block infection].

If he was referring to a new wave of deaths, then once again we ask: how does he think the vaccines can “mitigate” this new “wave” of deaths when he also knows that even the fully vaccinated can die from COVID [see Fauci Admits Vaccines are Failing to Protect Vaccinated from COVID Hospitalization and Death].

For us who have been following his actions, the vagueness in Fauci’s recent statements are geared for only a certain purpose: to frighten people into taking the boosters while at the same time protecting his already dwindling credibility [see Fauci lied: NIH funded Wuhan lab which created human-transmissible bat coronavirus, Fauci caught lying again, this time about NIAD’s ties with Wuhan Lab, Fauci sidesteps latest developments in natural immunity, Incriminating emails show Fauci in collusion with Big Tech, Big Pharma, mainstream media, and CDC].

Remember the articles: Fauci dials in the fear, says Lambda worse than Delta and Fauci declares delta variant ‘greatest threat’ to the nation’s efforts to eliminate Covid? Now Fauci is doing the same thing with the Omicron variant: lying to make people panic. He is a true-blue fear-mongerer and the greatest salesman of Big Pharma.

With all the lies told by Fauci that have been revealed, we wonder why this person has not been jailed yet.

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