February 28, 2024

On a November 23. 2021 article posted in Mindanao Gold Star Daily, Nora Sorino reported that in Iligan City, Philippines, there is ongoing litigation on the legality of the City Executive Order.

According to the report, Prof. Godofredo Dimamay led the petitioners to suspend the implementation of the E.O 291, which requires every eligible citizen to present a vaccination card in practically all aspects of city life, such as riding public transportation including tricycle drivers and passengers. EO 291 also requires market vendors and people who have government transactions who fail to present the vaccine card are required to show negative RT-PCR results.

EO 291 was issued by City Mayor Celso G. Regencia and was scheduled to take effect on November 16. The arguments presented by the petitioners’ lawyer, among others, is RA 11525 Section 12 and the experimental nature of the ‘vaccines.’

Editor’s Note: This article indicates that there are more individuals in the Philippines who are becoming intolerant of unconstitutional executive orders from the Local Government Unit (LGU).

When clearly RA 11525[1]https://mirror.officialgazette.gov.ph/downloads/2021/02feb/20210226-RA-11525-RRD.pdx has specified that these vaccines are experimental and vaccine cards should not be considered additional compulsory requirements in education, employment, and any government transactions, LGUs have been a spectacle of a power play when they should be the ones to uphold the law. It seems they do not fully comprehend what this law means. Or are they merely following what they were told?

These people know it is illegal to mandate vaccination but they are counting on citizens’ ignorance of the law to increase vaccination rates and achieve their quota in exchange for whatever is discreetly traded.

We need more pushbacks because, without resistance, people in authority are overreaching. People’s obedience will fuel the fire, and eventually, gullible citizens will be handing over their freedom, oblivious of the harm [The Biggest Casualties of COVID is Your Individual Freedom].

If only LGUs have no immunity from any liability these experimental jabs bring to people, there will be accountability. Not only does RA 11525 indemnify vaccine manufacturers, but it also protects those who administer the injection, from the national government to barangay. Therefore, it is those who take the vaccines who must deal with the consequences of the vaccines.

These ‘vaccines’ are experimental under the Emergency Use Authorization, there is no long-term study of its effectiveness, and long-term safety is unknown. Owing to this fact, people have the right to say no. Anybody has the right to assert his right and use RA 11525 as his best weapon against the unconstitutional vaccination mandates.

See KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: A Legal Explanation by Atty. Aaron Soguilon; Ready to pushback? Here are some documents you can use to protect yourself from vaccine coercion; Nicanor Perlas Asks the Duterte Government to Cease and Desist Extreme and Unscientific Covid Policies That Are Killing and Harming Filipinos and Destroying the Country; MANIFESTO AND PRINCIPLES OF UNITY OF THE PHILIPPINE RESISTANCE AGAINST COVID TYRANNY; CCH Legal Team Launched. Makes Public Its Vaccination Refusal Letter Template.

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