February 21, 2024

CCH releases leaflets educating people about the dangers of the COVID vaccine: Help in distribution needed


The Government has basically ignored the Cease and Desist demand letter. Instead, they have intensified the mad rush to vaccinate our teenagers and all others that refuse to get vaccinated. Duterte has just ordered LGUs to intensify their mandatory vaccination efforts at the barangay (village) level despite no law authorizing mandatory vaccination. He is doing this despite public statements by his Secretary of Justice that forced vaccinations are illegal. In addition, the government is using what I call the “soft coercion” approach. Duterte is giving special privileges to the vaccinated including free travel, entry to resorts, entry to restaurants, lottery prizes, and so on while the unvaccinated are excluded. This is a violation of our Constitution, Article III, Sec. 1 of “equal protection” under the law. After all, the science is clear that vaccine passports are unscientific and basically useless because the mass vaccinations are creating a Pandemic of the Vaccinated. The vaccinated are still getting infected, hospitalized, and dying and they are doing so in much greater numbers. Taiwan, for example, recently announced that deaths from the vaccinated already outnumber deaths from COVID-19. The vaccinated are also super-spreaders of the disease and incubate variants.

In addition to the mad draconian attempt to force vaccinate Filipinos, we are in the midst of a media blackout. The vast majority of people in barangays HAVE NO IDEA regarding the scientific findings on the danger of the vaccines as well as no idea of the Rights under the Law. The mainstream media are basically accessories to the mass murder of the poor and the ignorant as well as the rich and educated whom the media have totally betrayed with fake news and misinformation. 

CCH has no choice but to launch a nationwide campaign to educate Filipinos about their rights and with the information necessary to make PRIOR INFORMED CONSENT with regard to the vaccines. DOH and its partners are criminally violating their duties to inform the public about the serious adverse effects, including death, from these vaccines.

Kindly find below a simple one-page flyer in Tagalog, Visayan, and Ilonggo languages. We are in the process of translating these flyers into other languages. Your help in translating and/or distributing these flyers will be deeply appreciated!


Download Leaflets

To download these leaflets, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the leaflet with your chosen language.
  2. Choose “Save Image As” and save it on your computer (take note of the directory where the image is saved. You will access the image in the same location).
  3. If you are on mobile, long press on the leaflet with your chosen language.
  4. Click on “Add to Photos”. The leaflet will be found on your photo gallery (where all photos you shoot are also found).
  5. You can print these and distribute them to your neighbors or just share via social media.
Leaflet in Filipino
Leaflet in Hiligaynon
Leaflet in Bisaya

7 thoughts on “CCH releases leaflets educating people about the dangers of the COVID vaccine: Help in distribution needed

    1. Hello,

      At the moment, none of our staff members are able to speak those languages, but we are looking for volunteers who might be able to translate the leaflet to more Filipino languages. Would you happen to know of any who might be interested in doing this? Any help we can go a long way.

    1. Hello Benjamin, you can just get the copies of the leaflets from here. Kindly read the instructions on the article on how download the leaflets. Thank you!

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