April 15, 2024

Clarifications on Questions Regarding the Distribution of the Cease and Desist Letter to Governors and Mayors


We at Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) are very happy that so many of you contacted us because you wanted to help distribute the Cease and Desist letter to your governors and/or mayors.[1]https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2021/10/22/for-those-who-would-want-to-send-cease-and-desist-letter-to-their-governors-and-mayors-letter-attached-below/  We want to thank all those who just went ahead and distributed the Cease and Desist notice to your governor or mayor. That took courage.

The others asked some very important questions regarding this distribution effort. CCH is more than happy to answer your questions.

Question and Answer

Question:  Why should the local person be the one to sign the letter to the Governor or to the Mayor?

Answer:  There are at least five (5) important reasons why.

First, CCH is not a resident in your area. The Local Chief Executive (LCE) will question why an outsider is sending the LCE a legal letter to cease and desist. The LCE will view this as inappropriate interference in the local affairs of a town, city, or province. The LCE will just ignore the document.

Second, if there will be a legal case, CCH will not have legal standing. The case will be immediately dismissed. But if a local person gives the notice, then that person will have legal standing because that local person is a resident of a town/city in a province. “Standing” is a very important concept and requirement in law.  It is connected with how an LCE action affects the legal rights of a resident.

Third, while not an absolute requirement, a local person who distributes this document will have even more standing and more chances of legal success should the time come that the local person will file a case of “grave coercion” against the LCE and his/her staff or persons doing the coercion. See the link to our full guide on how to file grave coercion here:  https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2021/10/08/ready-to-pushback-here-are-some-documents-you-can-use-to-protect-yourself-from-vaccine-coercion/   

This Cease and Desist document will substantively back up a local person who will file a criminal case against a local government employee or LCE for grave coercion.  For example, all cases of mandatory vaccinations and/or vaccine passports ARE TOTALLY ILLEGAL. They go against our constitutional right to life.

Fourth, you will need to be familiar with the Cease and Desist document should the LGU executive or his staff, ask you about the document. When you are familiar with the document, you will be confident to sign it in your behalf.

The fifth reason is one of the most important reasons. The government and media have brainwashed and programmed us to be fearful and to obey unlawful and unscientific covid mandates. We need to liberate ourselves from fear. We need to develop a new capacity to discern the truth. We can do this, among others, by reading the Cease and Desist document in its entirety.  This will further remove more fear as the latter is transformed into righteous anger. From these, we further birth the courage in us to stand up for the truth and take the right course of action.

Question. I am afraid that the LCE will harass and even kill me.

Answer: While unlikely, this concern is a possibility depending on the political dynamics of one’s area. We can turn this threat into an opportunity. This will then become the situation to gather like-minded friends to sign and file together with the Cease and Desist notice to the LCE.

So gathering like-minded people will also start developing a local support group among you. The major function of unscientific and illegal isolation, quarantine, and social distancing are to disrupt our constitutional right to free assembly. When free people assemble, that is where collective intelligence can emerge to take any challenge.

Question. We have no funds to print the document.

Answer. The document is less than 100 pages. It will cost at most P100, depending on the coping costs in your area. So, if you have formed a support group in your area, we think that you will be able to raise the necessary funds among yourselves.


In the end, this is not simply about distributing a document to an LCE. It is about reclaiming our own lives, our own freedoms, our collective intelligence and power, and all other things that can come from free, truth-seeking citizens and groups of such. When this indeed becomes the case, we can more than handle all the necessary challenges that can come.

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