February 29, 2024

Smear Campaign: People Hospitalized After Taking Veterinary Drug for COVID


In an October 21, 2021 article published in US News, Steven Reinberg reported that people are being hospitalized after taking a veterinary drug, referring to Ivermectin, for covid.

Reinberg cited Dr. Robert Hendrickson, lead researcher in Oregon Poison Center and a professor of emergency medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, in Portland: “Yet, the drug continues to be touted by those who oppose COVID-19 vaccines, even though no proof exists that it is effective in preventing or treating COVID-19.”

Editor’s Note: We added this article to the website to indicate that some publications are dedicated to publishing misinformation and manipulating data. This is yet another smear campaign to disrepute Ivermectin.

In relation to this, mainstream media has made a perverse report a few weeks ago about gunshot victims being turned away from an Oklahoma hospital because the hospital was overwhelmed with ivermectin patients.[1]‘Horse dewormer’ overdose story debunked: We have no such doctor & treat people as normal, hospital says — RT USA News. This report was repeated by many mainstream news agencies, only to be debunked. Why did mainstream media publish a lie? Were they only doing the bidding of their financers? [See Trusted News Initiative or Corrupted News Initiative? Mission: Systematic censorship of the world’s top public health experts; Scientific fraud at top medical journals affect world COVID-19 policy.]

This ignorance about the existing confirmation of the Ivermectin’s effectiveness in preventing and treating COVID-19 is a blatant distortion of the truth. There is not just an iota of evidence on IVM’s effectiveness, but a cornucopia of proofs and two of those were cited as the most peer-reviewed meta-analyses written by Dr. Tess Lawrie[2]https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34145166/ and another by Dr. Pierry Kory[3]https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8088823/.

Lawrie said, Moderate-certainty of evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using Ivermectin. Using Ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that Ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

Here is another statement from Dr. Kory:

Finally, the many examples of Ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality reduction indicating that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.”

Thousands of physicians have already included Ivermectin and other repurposed drugs as COVID-19 treatment. There were no known fatalities except perhaps for self-prescription and smear campaigns. We all know how sharp the scythes that big pharma is utilizing to control mainstream media, and to mislead the public and manipulate data, which in turn, prevents people from resorting to a low-priced repurposed drug because they have the expensive copycat in their pipeline.

Merck has already applied for emergency use authorization for their oral anti-viral drug. Pfizer will soon release their version and a clone of Ivermectin. Evidently, big pharma and corporations were waiting for this, a plandemic. [See Epidemiologist Tom Jefferson: A whole industry is waiting for a pandemicTechnocrats have benefited from the pandemicBig Tech thriving during pandemic despite widespread economic upheaval]

What we can do as a citizen is to wake up to whatever we perceive as wrong in all these narratives.  Let’s find the people who can answer our uncertainties and not settle with fact-checkers or the repetition in the mainstream media. Alternative media give out information that may give you discomfort, but that is just the beginning. Many more will follow, but do no be dissuaded. Tread the path of thinking which is less traveled and seek the truth from there. [See Why people won’t wake up despite the inconsistencies in COVID information; Your Compliance Will Pave Way to Totalitarianism.]

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1 thought on “Smear Campaign: People Hospitalized After Taking Veterinary Drug for COVID

  1. Ivermectin is the Deep State’s Plan B to depopulate the planet.

    A popular IVM study which was the basis of other studies citing it as safe for human use, is full of data errors and duplicate, and possibly falsified data. Source: https://steamtraen.blogspot.com/2021/07/Some-problems-with-the-data-from-a-Covid-study.html

    IVM taken as a dewormer is only administered once or twice a year.

    Zelenko, FLCCC, etc prescribe IVM in doses ranging from daily for 1-2 weeks (active COVID cases) and then dropping down to weekly dosing for prophylaxis. You cannot extrapolate safety and efficacy when you go from a dosage of once a year to multiple times in a year.

    IVM is neurotoxic (bad for the brain) and hepatotoxic (bad for the liver). IVM is a drug. Human bodies do not have drug deficiencies, but they do have vitamin deficiencies in the body.

    IVM works to restore difficulty in breathing.

    IVM is effective.

    But is IVM safe? My answer to that would be a “no”.

    IVM will slowly create holes in your blood brain barrier, allowing spike proteins to enter your brain and cause inflammation there.

    It will also slow down your liver’s capabilities to detox harmful substances from your body.

    IVM is a slow killer. It’s the Plan B for depopulation in case Plan A (the vaccines) don’t get into enough bodies before people start dying or getting adverse symptoms.

    You will not notice anything wrong when your blood brain barrier is being breached or broken. You will not get advance warning signs when your liver is slowly being poisoned (like an alcoholic). So saying “I’ve been taking IVM as a prophylactic since 2020 and I feel fine” is not enough basis to conclude it’s safe and effective.

    Many cancerous tumors grow in the body for decades without warning signs too. Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean it’s the true state of your body.

    IVM is a bioweapon for depopulation. In a Nigerian study, 36 of 38 men had inactive sperm samples after taking IVM. We don’t know if this is reversible after stopping the drug, or if its sterilizing effects are cumulative. More study needs to be done. Source: https://t.co/qLYVC9T0G3?amp=1

    IVM is made by Merck, off patent, so they can say they are not profiting from this drug. However IVM since 2015 has been distributed FOR FREE by Merck, funded by BILL GATES and the WHO to sub-Saharan countries as an anti parasitic. Anything Bill Gates gives away for free has a depopulation angle to it. Source: https://www.thedesertreview.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/merck-sees-the-light—provides-ivermectin-for-humanity/article_df5674ee-d530-11eb-98a1-3fc9e8ddc005.html

    IVM promoters like to say that it won a Nobel Prize in 2015, so IVM must be good, right? Well, the only scientists who win Nobel Prizes are those who support the Illuminati agenda to depopulate the planet of most of humanity.

    The Koch Brothers funded the IVM trials in sub-Saharan Africa. If you don’t know them yet, the Koch Brothers have also funded a lot of depopulation programs with their money.

    IVM toxicity will take some time to manifest. It’s a slow killer. If it killed antivaxers right away, you would be suspicious. They knew this, and this is why Plan B (Ivermectin) is for the people like you and I.

    Everyone who is on IVM is trusting the wrong science, because the doctors they rely on, kahit anti vax sila, hindi marunong kumilatis ng data to see kung niluto ba nila yung stats or hindi. They know just enough to comprehend the medical journals, but it takes an extra skill set to learn how to spot flaws in design methodology of clinical trials.

    That is not a skill doctors have. It’s a huge blind spot.

    Not all doctors are scientists.

    If you still want to take IVM, that is your choice. But watch out for the people you know who are IVM diehards. In a few years magsisimula mag manifest yung maling tiwala nila sa drug na yan.

    Did you really think Bill Gates wouldn’t have a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, etc to accomplish the Georgia Guidestones’ goals?

    molnupiravir = IverMERCKtin

    “This agreement will help create broad access for molnupiravir use in 105 low- and middle-income countries following appropriate regulatory approvals,” Merck and the patent pool said in a news release. > > this will accelerate depopulation of the poor.

    Under the agreement, Merck and Ridgeback will receive no royalties as long as COVID-19 is considered a global emergency by the World Health Organization. > > no royalties? Kasi ang kapalit maraming mamamatay na tao


    If Big Pharma is making IVM analogues what does that tell you? IVM doesn’t give you a solution, but it does create lifelong customers for Big Pharma.

    Dig deeper, everyone.

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