June 25, 2024

Why people won’t wake up despite the inconsistencies in COVID information


In this article for her website, Kelly Brogan together with Ali Zeck and Sayer Ji, discusses why people continue to trust and obey authority despite the many inconsistencies being revealed about the impact of COVID-19 and the ensuing social disruption due to illogical government regulations.

The authors discuss the following ideas: unhealed trauma, global Stockholm Syndrome, and manipulation and mind control. The authors say that much of the belief we have about the institutions in society, the role of the government, the intention of mainstream media, and the efficacy of pharmaceutical products, what they term as an “idealized authority”, is incompatible with our true self. Awakening to the reality that we are responsible for our own self requires that we self-govern: there will be no one else to rely on or to blame.

The authors add, “If you are ready to resolve your cognitive dissonance by stepping into awareness, it will be imperative that you resist the temptation to run victim stories around all that you discover.” When you finally see beyond the veil of manipulation, it is important not to donate energy to the very source of victimization. They remind us, “We can simply choose to stop feeding that unconsciousness by remaking, always in our heart space as we allow our awareness to expand and expand and expand.

Editor’s Note: What Kelly Brogan, Ali Zeck and Sayer Ji proposes in this article is difficult, especially for people who are awake to the injustices of this world. For people who have already began to realize that COVID-19 is nothing more than a smokescreen, it is difficult not to be angry, and to want to fight back.

But as has been noted by the article, doing so would only donate energy to a cause that we all do not wish to strengthen. We are already in the middle of a “battle” which cannot be won if we “fight” in the same field that our “opponents” are fighting on, and use the same methods as our opponents. The quest to make humanity forget about justice, equality, and human dignity is already underway. We have to defend our freedom and dignity, but we need to start within, and fight in a different way.

Nicanor has offered some beginning insights on how we can take our humanity back, read END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us.

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