April 12, 2024

Big Tech thriving during pandemic despite widespread economic upheaval


While most countries in the world are experiencing severe economic contractions, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are thriving. Projections are showing that the financial positions will only improve as the pandemic has pushed more people towards the internet.

While the three companies were already doing well before the pandemic, but analysts are surprised at the extent of their growth. Amazon registered a quarterly profit of $5.2 billion – a 40% increase compared to the figures of the same period last year. Meanwhile, Apple’s and Facebook’s revenues jumped 11% year-on-year.

Editor’s Note: These Big Tech companies have been instrumental in censoring information about COVID-19. They remove all articles and videos from their platforms which do not conform to the mainstream narrative being promoted by the WHO and the powers that be. They manipulate public sentiment, and they have deliberately developed platforms which are addictive [see Ensuring user predictability on social media platforms] For them to continue getting richer and while a majority of poor people around the world are being forced into hunger is a testament of the extreme injustice that proliferates our societies.

While companies which are already huge and powerful continue to grow, small to medium businesses are forced to close, the common citizen are plunged into hunger [read Oxfam: The hunger crisis linked to the coronavirus could kill more than the disease itself]. Income disparity is not the only issue here, but also, the concentration of power (as our societies today tend to be dominated by the economic actors).

To end this article, we would like to remind the reader of Pope Francis’ words in 2015. He said: “Hunger is a true scandal in a world of plenty”. Will Big Tech companies give back to society and allow the distribution of their income in order to help the majority of people affected by this pandemic? Or will power and wealth concentrate only to their executive officers, employees, and home country?

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