June 15, 2024

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Remdesivir is the Real Cause of COVID Deaths


The following article was written by James Fetzer and was published by Principia Scientific International last August 11, 2021. It featured Dr. Bryan Ardis’ analysis which showed that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) knew that Remdesivir was going to be ineffective and unsafe to patients.

Aside from the massive conflicts of interests relating to the issuance of Remdesivir’s emergency use authorization for COVID treatment, Ardis also showed how clinical trials hid the adverse events of Remdesivir use.

Here are a few important insights shared by Ardis:

  • Majority of patients on Remdesevir suffer liver damage.
  • Kidney damage from Remdesevir was expected.
  • Invasive mechanical ventilation became a necessity following Remdesivir use.
  • Some studies were terminated early due to reports of adverse events.
  • Remdesivir was not only ineffective as ebola medication, it also had the highest mortality of all treatment modalities. 53.1% of Ebola patients administered with Remdesivir died within 28 days.

Ardis says that the “symptoms of lungs filling with fluid and the other alleged COVID-19 symptoms were actually side effects of kidney poisoning and other organ damage that are known side-effects of Remdesivir. He adds that the devastating health toll allegedly caused by COVID-19 was actually caused by the NIH-recommended drug.

Editor’s Note: As we write this article, we think of thousands of families who have lost loved ones in the past 19 months due to the disease they call COVID-19. Our heart breaks for the pain they have gone through, and what they might go through again reading this article.

As early as November 2020, the WHO has already recommended against the use of Remdesevir for COVID treatment [see New study: WHO data shows Remdesevir causes serious bradycardia among COVID-19 patients, WHO study shows remdesivir offers no benefit to COVID-19 patients, WHO advises against use of remdesevir for COVID patients]. We are prompted to include this article because many doctors continue to ignore this advice and are still giving Remdesevir to their patients. Are they not aware of the drug’s toxicity? Why would any decent doctor take this option when many of their colleagues are recommending safer alternatives [see Dr. Harvey Risch: Dr. Fauci and the FDA has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, Hydroxychloroquine can dramatically ease the COVID-19 crisis, India’s Uttar Pradesh moving towards being covid-free, Ivermectin central to virus control].

We know of families whose loved ones died despite hundreds of thousands of pesos in medical bills, thanks to the very expensive Remdesivir. Reading Ardis’ revelations now, we are truly angry at the injustice they have experienced. This drug has not only taken a loved one away, it has also taken the capacity of many families to provide for their basic needs. If this is not injustice, then we don’t know what it is.

And if a government can knowingly recommend a drug that has been known to kill its recipients, despite the availability of safer, more economical options, then know that such government is your enemy. It does not have your best interest at heart. Why would you allow such government to make choices for you? [Governments around the world are coercing their citizens to take the vaccines, see Biden vaccine mandates and passports stirs hornet’s nest, inspires massive pushback, Italy Makes “Green Pass” Mandatory for All Workers, France has Toppled Liberty].

If you are still doubting that your governments are conspiring against you, we recommend you revisit Plandemic 1efn_note]https://www.bitchute.com/video/5i9d9XIkiCnX/[/efn_note]. It has been over a year since it was published and censored. Please ask yourself: how many of the statements they said are now proven to be true?

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Bryan Ardis: Remdesivir is the Real Cause of COVID Deaths

  1. They killed my husband, my best friend, my soul mate with this despicable drug even after we told the doctor to stop!! Myself, our kids, our grandkids now suffer from the loss of our patriarch. I want JUSTICE! My husband was an Army Veteran who deserved to be treated much better and differently than he was. I need help. Someone help me please.

    1. My prayers for your family.

      Did you perhaps talk to a lawyer already? There are already several who are working to assist families of the vaccine victims. In the US, there is a dedicated group created by the America’s Frontline Doctors.

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