June 25, 2024

The article discusses the commitment of the United States, Australia, and Japan to provide coordinated security assistance to the Philippines. This commitment was made during a meeting among defense and foreign affairs officials from the four countries. The assistance aims to enhance maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly in light of growing tensions and security challenges. The collaboration underscores the importance of regional cooperation in addressing shared security concerns and promoting stability in the region.

Editor’s Note: We must all realize that the presence of US forces in the Philippines would bring tension in Asia. This is not to say that military support from these countries is unwelcome, but we must realize that the US only “befriends” a country if it is to their benefit. The Philippines is in a strategic location and has always been central to the US interests in Asia [read more about this here, here, and here].

If US forces continue to flock to the country, it is only a matter of time before China reacts, and we will be thrust into the middle of a conflict we do not want to be in. [Read these articles for more information: General Highlights China’s Military Advantages, Disadvantages, There will be no ‘short, sharp’ war. A fight between the US and China would likely go on for years, US to counter growing size of China’s military with ‘autonomous systems’].

Maybe the Philippine government is thinking that if it becomes buddies with the world’s biggest powers, it would be able to reach the same level. But this is a delusion. If the Philippines is not careful, we can become the next Ukraine [see Ukraine is Losing the War, and So is Europe, Democracy Ends In Ukraine: Primary Opposition Party Banned, Assets and Money Seized, Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledges Ukraine’s Imminent Defeat].

Nobody wins in a war, except those who profit from it. We must always remember this. [Read Bernie Sanders: Elites Are Creating War, Undermining Democracy, Destabilizing The World].

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