May 28, 2024

In this January 24, 2024 article, Maximilien LaCour discussed how science poses a threat to the “ideals of liberalism and the robustness of modern states”.

LaCour talks about the “socio-political” characteristics of science and the “enclosures” of scientific disciplines that enable it “quasi-hegemonic authority” over its area.

LaCour uses the various pandemic responses implemented at the height of the COVID-19 hysteria to illustrate his point. Instead of explaining the situation to people and enabling them to make their choices, governments relied on “experts” who delved into the theoretical, to close schools indefinitely. LaCour says that allowing science to “enclose” policy debate has given scientists political and moral power over our lives. They enjoy greater influence over policy over laymen, which then creates a hierarchical structure that contradicts the foundations of democracy.

Editor’s Note: This article is important because the authoritarianism of science is seeping into other areas of society. Consider this: governments continue to insist on their climate policies despite widespread opposition from their citizens. No consultations or negotiations have been done – governments have not bothered to ask farmers how they can help prevent environmental degradation. Instead, the government has simply decided to implement policies recommended by climate scientists [see MASSIVE FARMER PROTEST ROCKS GERMANY and FARMER REVOLT IN GERMANY MORE MASSIVE AND EFFECTIVE THAN REPORTED IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA. An Eyewitness Account from a German Executive].

Just recently some climate scientists have called for governments to grant them the power to prescribe climate policy [see IPCC Scientists: We Need Power To Prescribe Climate Policy]. Coming from the experience of the last three years and the illogical implementation of “science” during the COVID hysteria, we can already imagine how this enclosing of science in the public domain can lead to tyranny and the death of liberalism. It would be like a Pandemic Treaty which would threaten the sovereignty of states! [See World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative, ENACTING SB 1869 INTO LAW COULD LEAD TO TREASON, CCH WARNS SENATE AS IT RELEASES ITS 3RD BRIEFING PAPER ON SB 1869].

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