June 16, 2024



Thousands of farmers in Germany are currently demonstrating against the budget policies of Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Farmers are protesting that these budget policies of the Sholz government are anti-farmer. Farmers are pointing out the discrimination against them in the government’s budget which is massively boosting financial support for the war in Ukraine while ending the green tax exemptions of farmers. The outraged farmers are warning that these one-sided policies are threatening the survival of the agriculture sector in Germany. 

In response, the Scholz government is branding the protests as far-right and instigated by the Russian government. It also warned that the protests could be exploited for non-democratic purposes by other political forces. 

Note by Nicanor Perlas. : Instead of listening to the real urgent concerns of farmers, German officials have resorted to name-calling and spewing false claims regarding the motive and the sources of the farmer protests. They avoid the reality that, increasingly, huge numbers of Germans view the Scholz government as not acting in the interest of their citizens. 

In addition, a significant segment of the German public considers the Scholz government as traitors to their own country by allowing the US to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline and refusing to investigate or protest against it.[1]https://theintercept.com/2023/03/25/nord-stream-russia-investigation-seymour-hersh/;  https://seymourhersh.substack.com/p/how-america-took-out-the-nord-stream  This economic sabotage that Biden threatened that the US would do, is currently resulting in the financial and industrial crisis in Germany and Europe as a whole.[2]https://www.wsj.com/articles/russias-nord-stream-pipeline-closure-lands-economic-blow-against-europe-11662388752

This does not bode well for the current German government which is increasingly isolated from and rejected by its citizens. Non-farmer German citizens are joining the protests and there is news that farmers from other countries are joining the protests of the German farmers.[3]https://twitter.com/JimFergusonUK (See his January 9-10, 2024 posts.)

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  1. 4 horsemen of apocalypse in the book of revelation.

    1. White horse(conquest) with bow and arrow symbolizes medical personnel with injection and poison as covid vax. (2020-present)

    2. Red horse(war) with sword refers to kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation. It happens between russia and ukraine, israel vs hamas. And may happen here in asia, china vs taiwan.(2022-present)

    3. Pale horse(famine) with weighs, symbolizes lack of food and high inflation that presently happen today like farmers’ protest in germany.(2023-present).

    4. Black horse(death) the combination of the 1st 3 horsemen due to massive excess deaths through c19vaccines, wars and the food shortages that increase diseases.(present).

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