May 30, 2024

Court Rules Trudeau’s Use Of Emergency Act on Canadian Truckers Illegal


Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act 2022 was unreasonable and unconstitutional, Canada’s Federal Court ruled last January 23, 2024. Justice Richard Mosley said in his ruling, “I have concluded that the decision to issue the Proclamation does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness – justification, transparency, and intelligibility – and was not justified concerning the relevant factual and legal constraints that were required to be taken into consideration”. Mosley added that the Emergencies Act violated Charter Rights and infringed on the right to security against unreasonable search and seizure, among other things.

Editor’s Note: We hope that people still remember what the Canadian government did to the truckers and anyone who supported them [see Canadian experience shows a glimpse of the totalitarian future we can expect if citizens do not push back].

Now that this ruling is out, the question is: what will the Canadian Government do to hold Trudeau accountable?

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