June 14, 2024



Let us all support the battle against COVID tyranny in New Zealand

In recent days, Covid Call to Humanity published two articles regarding the unprecedented bombshell release by a whistleblower from the Ministry of Health in New Zealand. See here and here.

This brave individual provided the world solid official evidence that the Covid vaccines have not only killed people. New Zealand (NZ) government officials knew that the vaccines were harming people. Nonetheless, these psychopathic government lackeys of the New World Order continued to consciously murder their people. 

If all these sound familiar, it is because all defenders of humanity around the world are facing their versions of psychopathic death cult practitioners of the New World Order. 

Now we have received the news that the police have arrested this brave whistleblower [Mainstream media has confirmed his arrest here and the government is trying to coverup their crime by saying that Young is trying to spread “misinformation”].  

In its newsflash, Counterspin Media in New Zealand wrote: “The authorities are showing themselves to be scared, desperate, stupid and guilty! They are trying to get a hold of the data, but it has already gone out into the world.”

Counterspin Media New Zealand is part of the Counterspin Media global network of independent journalists. Counterspin Media, in turn, is part of a larger global network of independent journalists called FAIR. This name stands for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. 

Here are more details on that arrest because the NZ government did not want the world to see and know of their brutality against their people.

The whistleblower’s true name is Barry Young. He is 56 years old. As CCH wrote earlier, Barry Young has high moral standards and high social intelligence as can be seen in his videotaped comments with Mother of All Revelations (MOAR). He is an incredibly inspiring person.  

Ethan Griffiths, a multimedia journalist with Open Justice in New Zealand summarized the revelations of Barry Young. The data of Barry Young showed mortality rates ranging from 4% to 21% depending on the vaccine batches used. This is highly unusual. 

“The underlying mortality rate in New Zealand should be only 0.75%, said Young. So, the odds of death rates this high happening by chance are approximately 100 billion to 1. ‘So statistically, what we’re saying is that there is no chance that this vaccine is not a killer‘, Young declared.” (Emphases added.) 

CCH informed Counterspin Media in New Zealand that we, in the Philippines, are following these developments very closely. CCH emphasized that the NZ whistleblowers exposed not only the mass murder going on in New Zealand but also the mass murder by the Covid vaccines, aka bioweapons, going on around the world including in our country. [Read Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons for Mass Genocide, Chair of Lancet’s COVID Commission Thinks US Government Is Covering Up Pandemic Origins, Pfizer’s Assassin Vaccine]

CCH informed Counterspin Media that the Philippines has had over 290,000 excess deaths. Yet the Department of Health of the Philippines continues to deny that the Covid vaccines are to blame. But now, based on the New Zealand data, it is clear that the Covid bioweapons did it. 

CCH will soon be writing an article on the connection between the NZ revelations and the possible explanation for vaccine deaths in the Philippines. CCH further informed Counterspin Media that CCH had already written two articles on the Barry Young revelations. 

For our readers, let us support our brothers and sisters in New Zealand in their fight for truth, justice, health, and freedom!  The struggle in New Zealand is not only their struggle. It is a struggle for the future of all humanity. 


  1. Many may wonder why the government can do such tyranny because few people knew that almost all governments, education systems and mass media are influenced if not controlled by Freemasons. These guys have a pledge of subservience to the interest of their fraternity than to their countrymen. There are 33 degrees of initiation but most only make it up to the 3rd degree. The higher ranks gives order to the lower ranks and many these lower ranks are seated in our government (DOH, DILG, the Military, Senate, Congress, DOJ, DepEd etc.). Only a few figures knew exactly who controls Freemasonry (i.e. Eric Jon Phelps, Dr. Alberto Rivera)


    1. Makes you wonder why our own government is allowing the decrepit situation within our public school system. Could this be part of the process of dumbing down entire societies?

      1. I agree with somebody’s observation that the real conspirators first educated our citizens for at least a generation, then second the same conspirators will have these graduates seated in the government. Then third, some of these brainwashed graduates will own big businesses or the mass media. The conspirators got a lot of controls in our society.

  2. Government tyranny such as this happens because of members of “secret societies” are seated in high places in the government even in the mass media and education system in all parts of the world. Freemasonry is the fraternity that connects them all with a “One World Order” agenda.
    At 3:52:39 of the video link below of Altiyan Childs revelation about Freemasonry citing from the book “Aleister’s Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia“ by Ian Milo Duquette, Christopher Hyatt Ph.D., illustrated by David P. Wilson, the occultists knew that only a few can see through the conspiracy that’s being done.


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