June 20, 2024



The past few days have been a beehive of bombshell reports. First, a Ministry of Health (New Zealand) whistleblower released the world’s first-ever record-level of any government Ministry or Department of Health. We covered this development yesterday. See here

Then Steve Kirsch, a tech billionaire turned serial Covid vaccine-death hunter, built upon the New Zealand revelations and added further bombshell information to what was already explosive news from the New Zealand whistleblower. He concluded that the Covid vaccines had killed over 13 million people worldwide.

Let us now take a closer look at these developments that have massive implications for those around the world who believe in prior informed consent, bodily autonomy, truth, health, and freedom. 

The Bombshell Information from New Zealand

Let us unravel the rare and unprecedented release from the health ministry of New Zealand. We cannot overemphasize that this is the first report-level release of any official government information around the world.  Thus, the findings will be difficult to dismiss as hearsay or a mere anecdote. 

The individual who released the data has an impeccable background. He is both a statistical and information management expert. He also designed and administered New Zealand’s Covid information system. The New Zealand data report proved, beyond doubt, that the Covid vaccines killed a lot of people from New Zealand.

You can find the original release of this data by Mother of All Revelations (M.O.A.R.) in this Rumble link. The video is over an hour long but worth the watch. The MOAR interviewer, a lawyer, skillfully asks the kind of questions that enable the whistleblower to explain the huge significance of his data release to the public of the world.

The power of this bombshell report can be seen when YouTube immediately banned, in a few minutes, the release of this explosive video. YouTube is an enemy of the Truth and is part of the infrastructure of censorship imposed by the New World Order around the world.

Kiwi4Justice works closely with MOAR. Kiwi4Justice provides horrifying details about the vaccination nightmare in New Zealand. Emphatically Kiwi4Justice called the Covid vaccine rollout, not only a crime but a “massacre”. You can see their entire analysis here.

Here is the basis for their strong, emphatic words.

“In just one particular vaccination centre in Invercargill, 51 people were vaccinated within the space of just two hours. All 51 are now dead. Out of the 837 people who were vaccinated at another vaccination centre, 253 of them are now dead. 30% of everyone who was vaccinated at that centre are now dead. At another vaccination centre, of the 923 people vaccinated there, 276 are now dead.  There were numerous vaccination centres around the country that had mortality rates at this sort of level of 30%. This is compared to the normal average mortality rate of just 0.75%, which is what we should be seeing. The data also shows how many fatalities were linked to each individual vaccinator. One vaccinator had a mortality rate of 25%. One in four people that got the vaccine from that vaccinator is now dead. Other vaccinators were similar. Their vaccine batches were literally death batches. These numbers are simply off the scale and impossible to interpret any other way than a vaccine massacre.”

Citing the calculations of the whistleblower, Kiwi4Justice noted that the “probability of these deaths not being from the COVID-19 vaccine are 100 billion to one“. (Emphasis added.) That is, one can roll a dice one hundred billion times and you will get only one chance that it was not the vaccines that killed people.

In short, there were hot areas and hot batches. Hot areas were those where hot batches (real vaccines, not placebo) were used.  The hot batches were the batches that killed people. They were the death batches. CCH reported on this almost two years ago. See here.

An OIA request, NZ’s equivalent to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), revealed health officials knew about the disastrous Pfizer trials even before the NZ vaccination programs were rolled out. It was pre-meditated murder!!!

See here for details on how Pfizer tried to hide their internal data for 75 years. Pfizer was not successful. A US Court ordered Pfizer to release the data to the public. CCH covered this development in great detail here.  

Enter the Explosive Information from Steve Kirsch

This is where the calculations and data of Steve Kirsch come in. Kirsch revealed that he and the whistleblower had been in touch weeks before the latter’s data was publicly released. Kirsch wanted to make sure the whistleblower data was accurate.

In the interview with the whistleblower by MOAR, the former did not reveal what the death toll from the Covid vaccine was for New Zealand (NZ). Now, using the revelations of Steve Kirsch, we can independently determine the approximate calculated deaths in NZ due to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Using the New Zealand data, and combining this with other reputable data sources that Kirsch had already previously uncovered, including the US Medicare data, Kirsch calculated that the Covid vaccines killed 1 person per 1000 doses in a standard population. See here.  

In the US, that would mean the Covid vaccines killed 675,000 Americans. Using this 1 in 1000 doses factor, Kirsch also calculated that, at least, Covid vaccines killed around 13 million people around the world. See here

Based on the Kirsch death/1000 doses factor, we now do an approximate calculation of New Zealand’s death due to the Covid vaccines.

New Zealand administered a total of 12 million doses as of April 4, 2023. See here.

Using the Krisch factor, one obtains an approximate 12,000 New Zealanders killed by the Covid vaccines. While that constitutes less than 1% of New Zealand’s population of  5,228,100, 12,000 people are still a lot of people killed by the vaccines. 

Ultimately, such needless NZ deaths were the reason why this key government health official decided to blow the whistle on the alarming deaths happening in New Zealand. 

Profound Message from the NZ Whistleblower

Why did the NZ whistleblower reveal himself and the devastating data that will now have rebound effects all over the world? Here is what he revealed during the interview with MOAR. (What follows is not a word-for-word transcription but a rough but accurate summary.)

Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Each human is incredibly unique and rare. We are the universe’s way of reflecting upon itself. The chance of being here is 400 trillion to one. It is a gift for us to enjoy. We cannot keep on doing this. We are seeing human lives being destroyed

This data is a river of tears. (The whistleblower begins to shed tears during the video interview.) And I feel the pain. I could not go on with it. The vaccine is doing it. This thing is a killer. People are dying shortly after being vaccinated. I am a fan of humanity. 

I am pro-choice in terms of whether to be vaccinated or not. I believe in the fundamental freedoms of people. People should not be forced to take vaccines against their will. I felt bad when the government started mandating the vaccines. Such an act is against everything I thought about Western civilization.

We have been living in an Orwellian nightmare for the last two years:  the lockdowns, vaccine passports, the shutting down of people with different perspectives, the banning of people from Facebook, and so on. Science is an evolving thing. It is never settled.

One can see that this whistleblower has high existential and moral intelligence. He is like one of those great scientists who questioned the prevailing narrative. He gives the science of statistics a human face. 

One can only wish that more brave and ethical government officials like him would start revealing the important Covid data they are hiding from the public. If more and more whistleblowers emerge, then the Covid scamdemic nightmare will fall flat on its face. The entire New World Order Great Reset agenda will rapidly unravel. 

For more information on the New World Order behind the Covid scam, see here: Pandemics As a Catalyst For a New World Order, Public Seminar Episode 49:Officials Admit Covid A Scam. Resistance Intensifies, Achieves Big Victories. New World Order Criminals Desperate., Public Seminar Series Episode 48: Billions Fight New World Order, Covid Dictatorship Crumbling But Fight Not Over, Public Seminar Episode 39: Survive the New World Order. Pain, the WHO Pushback, and the Butterfly Effect.


  1. Does anyone here know if there is someplace where you can get your blood tested in Canada (especially Alberta) to see if you have been exposed to the poisonous contents of the Clot Shots? I never took the shots but I heard that you can be infected by the toxins it contains via shedding and food, especially meat. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Satanists have their own code of ethics. They proclaim their plans before they do it. The Georgia Guidestones is one of these. The conversations of Bill Gates at Ted Talk is one of these. The WHO preparations for the next pandemic will be one of these. We should be get used to these tactics.

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